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Mobile Homes Bathtubs – A Complete Definitive Guide

mobile homes bathtubs

Bathroom renovations for mobile homes bathtubs may be challenging. Faucets, sinks, countertops, loos, and tubs may all be found in various designs and materials. It’s a tough choice since there are so many options.

What kind of sink, a pedestal or a wall-mounted one, is more practical? Which kind of faucet, center set or wall mounted, would be best for your bathroom? Does the bathtub have to be ordered in advance?

To assist you in finding solutions to the most often asked issues like mobile home bathtub and wall kit and making the most suitable purchase selections for your family, we have compiled our Mobile Home Bathroom Guide.

Value and Cost of a Basic Bathroom Renovation

Mobile home bathtubs and surrounding renovations aren’t inexpensive, but they often provide a high rate of return on investment. An approximate return of 70 cents on every dollar spent on renovations may be anticipated upon resale of the property. 

For example, a bathroom makeover in a newly constructed house costs an average of $16,128, with a return of $11,688. And you get to enjoy your brand-new bathroom as a bonus!

Possible High End and Contemporary Tub Options

In the event of a bathroom renovation, you can install a tub of whatever size or configuration you choose. That’s a great advantage of a complete overhaul.

Contemporary Tub Options
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1. Tubs with Whirlpools

A whirlpool is an excellent investment if you suffer from chronic back or neck pain or love the stimulating effects of water jets. All around and under the surface of these tubs are strong water jets. 

However, they need extensive upkeep and are challenging to set up. The location where you set up your tub must have access to working electrical outlets. You may choose a whirlpool tub in size and design that works in your bathroom.

2. Cast Iron Soaking Tubs with Claw Feet

Among the earliest designs for a bathtub, the cast-iron variety with four impressive claw feet stands out. The traditional design for the ‘foot resembled an eagle claw clutching a ball. They’ve been fashionable forever and will stay that way for a long time.

3. Cloudtubs

The cloud tub is an innovative new design that has become quite popular mobile home bathtub shower combo. They may be placed anywhere in the bathroom, from the smallest powder room to the grandest main suite.

Materials for Bathtubs

If you are thinking about how to replace a bathtub in a mobile home then the material of bathtub is important. After deciding on a tub’s general form, it’s time to consider its inside finish. Acrylic, fiberglass, enameled cast iron, and porcelain-enamel steel are four standard options. However, there are benefits and drawbacks to each option.

Discoloration of the Bathtubs in Mobile Homes

Mobile home bathtubs from the factory usually become yellow after only a few years. A lack of UV protection is usually to blame. If you want to avoid spending several hundred dollars on replacing a tub soon after the warranty expires, choosing one that won’t fade from exposure to sunlight is essential.

Bathtubs Typical of a Mobile Home

Depending on the layout of your mobile home, you may choose between alcove, corner, oval, or whirlpool baths. Not only that, but you also have your pick of various contemporary alternatives with interesting forms to choose from. We’re going to talk about all of them. Mobile and prefabricated houses often have smaller bathtubs mobile homes than the standard 60″ x 30/32″.

1. Alcove Baths

Alcove bathtubs in mobile home bathrooms are designed quite differently from those in conventional stick-built houses. The typical mobile homes tubs is smaller by around 6 inches in width and length.

If you want a conventional bathtub but your mobile home is smaller than average, you can either get a tub designed for mobile home bathtub faucet or get builder-grade acrylic tubs from a normal bath supply shop and have them retrofitted to fit.

Alcove Tubs
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It will be simpler to remove and replace the tub if you purchase it from a business that specializes in mobile homes bathtubs, but you will spend more.

The typical dimensions for a bathtub found in a mobile home are 54 inches by 27 inches, but those found at a specific home improvement shop are 60 inches by 32 inches.

If your bathroom is already cramped, purchasing a mobile home-sized tub may be more accessible.

2. Corner Bathtub

Mobile houses often included corner bathtubs because of their space efficiency. From the 1970s until today, they have been discovered in people’s homes. A typical replacement for a mobile home 54 inch bathtub by 54-inch one would set you back between $750 and $800.

Corner Bathtub
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Corner tubs in newly constructed houses are typically 60 inches by 60 inches. There’s another case of a 6-inch discrepancy.

3. Oval Bathtubs

The typical oval tub found in a mobile home is larger than the standard oval tub seen in a site-built house. Both a 64-inch-by-42-inch-oval and a 64-inch-by-44-inch-oval tub may be found at Mobile Home Supply Store. 

Oval Bathtubs
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According to About, the standard measurements for a freestanding oval tub in a site-built house are 60 inches in length and 41 inches in width. Prefabricated houses win this round.

FAQs on Mobile Homes Bathtubs

How often should a Mobile Home be Leveled?

Most installers recommend that homeowners verify the levelness of their mobile or manufactured home 90 days after installation and annually, particularly at the start of summer.

What Type of Bathtubs are in Mobile Homes?

  • In-Cave Bathtubs
  • In-Cabinet or Drop-In Corner Bathtubs
  • Oval bathtubs
  • Immersion baths
  • Self-supporting bathtubs
  • Whirlpool bathtubs

What size tub is in a Mobile Home?

Mobile home bathtubs are a standard 54 inches wide by 27 inches deep. Thus many surrounds are manufactured to meet these measurements. It should be easy to track down a tub surround for a mobile home’s corner tub, which is typically 54 inches square. Common dimensions for 60″ x 32″ and 60″ x 60″ conventional and corner baths in residential settings.

How much is it to replace a Mobile Home Bathtub?

Replacing a mobile home bathtub may be for as little as $1,400 and as much as $7,300 throughout the country, with an average cost of $4,400. Wondering how much mobile homes cost? The price of a new bathtub depends on several variables, including the materials used to construct it and the time and effort necessary for its installation.

How do you measure a Bathtub for a Mobile Home?

The basin length is best determined by laying a tape measure across the center of the tub’s widest part from right to left. The whole measurement of the longest side of the tub is used whenever possible. The basin’s breadth may be determined by starting the measurement at the tub’s center and working outwards.

Can I put a Regular Bathtub in a Mobile Home?

You may either get a tub designed for mobile homes or contractor acrylic tubs from a typical bathroom supply store and modify them to suit.

What kind of Tub is in a Mobile Home?

In addition to the whirlpool tub, the alcove, corner, oval, and regular bathtubs are also viable options for mobile homes. There are also several possibilities in contemporary design that come in unusual forms.

Are Mobile Home Bathtubs Plastic or Fiberglass?

Mobile home bathrooms often have inexpensive plastic tubs. However, unlike fiberglass, plastic cannot be permanently patched after a fracture or break.

How to Paint a Plastic Bathtub in a Mobile Home?

We have to sand the bathtub in preparation for painting it. Sandpaper should be suitable for roughing up the surface of your refurbishing equipment. If you didn’t purchase a special refinishing kit, 120 grit would do the trick. In addition, you may improve the tub’s grip and ensure that the paint will adhere by sanding the surface.

Why Mobile Homes are a Bad Investment?

As with a vehicle, the moment you drive off the lot, the value of a mobile home immediately begins to plummet, making them a horrible investment. 

Bathtubs Mobile Homes: Conclusion

To thoroughly renovate your mobile homes bathtubs, start at the floor and go above. All those shiny new fittings are for nothing if the floor may be damaged. A thorough examination of the floor joists and incorporating sub-flooring in the planning phase is your best bet before laying a subfloor or other flooring.

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