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How Much Does It Cost To Resurface A Bathtub?

How Much Does it Cost to Resurface a Bathtub

Consider getting a bath to resurface to make your tub look new again, and calculate the bathtub resurfacing cost. Of course, DIYers have the option of just adding a new finish over the old one. Still, professionals may conduct a complete resurfacing of the tub, which involves stripping off all old finishes and using specialized machinery.

Tub size, shape, location, and labor all affect bathroom resurfacing costs. Even if you need to resurface your bathroom one day, you can only hop in the tub once the new surface is dry. Get pricing information from a bathroom resurfacing professional, and use only seasoned professionals to do the work.

Best Supplies for Bathtub Refinishing

Bathtub and lavatory resurfacing may be accomplished using a variety of techniques. To refinish a tub, professionals use high-temperature industrial machines that may reach up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The surface is coated with fiberglass resin, let to set, and then sanded with a specialized pad until smooth. Last but not least, the same high-temperature gun is used to apply a sealant.

Resurfacing a Bathtub on Your Own

Bathtub restoration is an excellent choice for homeowners interested in cutting costs. However, the use of high-temperature equipment and chemicals necessitates strict adherence to the guidelines provided by the manufacturers. 

To spruce up your bathroom, purchase a do-it-yourself kit to refinish your tub. While the procedure itself is straightforward, any missteps will have permanent consequences. DIY bathtub refinishing is possible but may save hundreds of dollars compared to hiring a professional if done correctly.

Comprehensive Refinishing of the Bathtub

Complete bathtub replacement is an option for do-it-yourself bathtub refinishing projects. The bathtub in question will be taken from your property and discarded in this particular scenario. 

Then, a new tub will be delivered to your home and installed according to your specifications. Removing the surrounding walls and ensuring everything is leveled and sealed correctly needs a knowledgeable specialist when replacing a bathtub.

In conclusion, if your bathtub has been well-maintained, you can refinish it yourself, but if you want to enhance your bathroom, you should get a new one.

Is it Possible to Resurface a Bathtub Yourself?

DIY kits are popular because many believe they would save money from bathtub resurfacing cost by allowing them to do the job themselves; moreover, in most cases, the time and effort required to complete the project differ from the quality of the end product.

Painting is a simple option for cabinets and tiles but not for bathtubs. The need to retain water causes them to rust, making them tough to paint. You should resurface your tub rather than repaint it if it has rust since the paint will flake off over time.

How Much Does it Cost to Resurface Bathtub?

Before scheduling an appointment, you must have a clear goal in mind, like bathtub resurfacing cost. Bathroom resurfacing prices may be discussed with a professional after you’ve looked at pictures of various tub finishes online and decided which one you like most.

You want to show up to the resurfacing job by knowing how much bathtub resurfacing cost you’ll need to pay. Expert bathtub resurfacing can set you back between $300 and $600. Paying for refinishing is a lot of money, but it’s cheaper than having to replace the item or fix the damage caused by shoddy do-it-yourself efforts.

You can save a lot of money and time by refinishing your bathtub, and it’s easier than you would imagine. Taking good care of it may endure for years without needing complete resurfacing, saving you a ton of money.

How Expensive is it to Resurface a Bathroom?

We need to know what is included in this resurfacing estimate before calculating the cost to resurface bathtub or bathroom. For example, the total price of a bathroom remodel is the following:

  • Demolition of the old surface.
  • The cost of new studs to replace broken ones.
  • Any plumbing repairs that need to be made.

The cost of bath resurfacing also includes the expense of primer to cover and fix damaged spots and enamel paint to return the tub to its original color and finish.

Bathroom resurfacing jobs typically cost between $100 and $300 per linear foot. Accordingly, you should expect to pay between $1,000 and $5,000 to refinish your bathroom. Bathroom resurfacing costs are typically divided between the price of materials, the price of labor, and the price of necessary equipment.

How Much Does it Cost to Resurface a Shower Base?

The price to resurface a shower base is determined by its dimensions, depth, and current condition. 

Shower base resurfacing may be done for as little as $300 and up to $600 or more, depending on the size of the shower and the amount of work required. In most cases, the cost will include new studs, caulking when necessary, texture matching, and enamel coating.

If there is more than one kind of tile in the shower or if the present tile isn’t appropriate for regrouting, the cost to resurface the bathroom shower will increase. In addition, the cost of cleaning and preparing the surface for the tile, as well as the cost of any substantial structural repairs, will be passed on to the client.

How to Resurface a Bathtub?

After giving the tub a good scrub, a primer is sprayed over it. The enamel’s surface is then acid-etched to ensure complete penetration. The enamel bathtub is finished with a coat of enamel cured using UV lamps. It is recommended to wait 24 hours after the last coat has been sprayed before filling the tub with water.

When Should I Resurface My Bathtub?

If you’re having a resurfacing done, you should clear out your bathroom and take down any decorations or curtains that could be in the way. It’s also a good idea to avoid any buildup of dust or dirt in your tub by keeping it empty during this period.

What is the Recommended Bathtub Resurfacing Interval?

Touch-ups are only necessary every two to three years if your tub is still in excellent shape with minor damage, like chipping. 

You may need to thoroughly resurface the surface if it has significant scratches or if the finish is beginning to appear dull. This process will take around half a day. Every 8 to 10 years, a complete resurfacing is suggested. There should be no need to resurface a bathtub unless required.

Doing your Own$60 and $100
Hiring a Professional$330 and $600
Full Bathtub Resurface$300 to $450
Partial Bathtub Resurface$199 to $300

FAQs on Bathtub Resurfacing Cost

Is it Cheaper to Resurface or Replace a Bathtub?

Considering that the national average cost to replace a bathtub is over $5,000, it’s clear that having yours resurfaced is the more cost-effective option. It’s crucial to remember that no matter the tub’s material, reglazing is just a temporary makeover.

What is the Difference between Reglazing and Resurfacing a Bathtub?

The term “bathtub reglazing” refers to the application of a commercial coating after the “bathtub refinishing” process, while “bathtub refinishing” refers to the complete restoration effort. This is the primary distinction between “bathtub refinishing” and “bathtub reglazing.”

How long does Resurfacing a Bathtub Last?

Your fixtures may last an additional 15–20 years with regular upkeep after refurbishing. Many clients say their bathtubs look and feel excellent after 15 years.

Is it Worth it to Resurfacing a Bathtub?

Refinishing a tub in excellent shape is worth the cost. Scratches, tiny cracks, and unsightly stains are all things that may be remedied with a reglazing job. However, the reglazing bathtub is a complete financial waste if it is old, has leaks, or is covered with mold. There will come a time when you need to replace the bathtub.

Bathtub Resurfacing Cost: Conclusion

If you opt to do it yourself, resurface bathtub cost you between $30 and $150 for a refurbishing kit. You may sand the surface and then paint on epoxy or resin. When using an adhesive, time is of the essence since some of them dry in only a few minutes. It’s best to have an expert handle it if you’re not accustomed to dealing with them so that everything turns out right when you are considering bathtub resurfacing cost.

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