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How To Make A Hotel Bed Like A Designer

how to make a bed like a designer

We all appreciate the elegance and comfort that hotels offer. The comfort, aesthetics, and ambiance of a hotel room are designed to make guests feel at home throughout their stay. But is it possible to recreate this sensation at home? 

You’re in luck if you’ve been wanting to recreate a luxurious hotel bed at home. We have information on everything from the types of bedding that the best hotels use to the extra-special finishing touches that enhance your sleep.

One must be familiar with the fundamentals before understanding how to layer bedding or how to make a bed like a designer. 

Let’s begin by talking about the necessities for producing a stacked bed design. While not absolutely necessary, the following are recommended:

  • A mattress covering, ideally one that is resistant to dust mites
  • A mattress pad or foam topper that resists water for added comfort
  • A fitted sheet
  • A top sheet or flat one
  • Pillows, along with pillowcases and protectors
  • A throw, coverlet, or quilt
  • An insert with a duvet cover
  • A blanket and decorative pillows

How To Make A Bed Like A Designer

hotel bed
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1) The Secret is in the Base Layers

Your bed’s foundation is where it all begins. You need to lay a solid foundation before you add more pillows. To shield your mattress from stains, dust, and the dreaded bed bug, make an investment in a mattress cover. A mattress pad is another option; it will both protect your bed and add a little comfort.

2) Spend Money on High Quality Sheets

We cannot emphasize more how important good bedding are. Given that most sheets come in every color you could possibly desire, this has little to do with aesthetics. It has to do with the fact that you spend the entire night with this touching your skin.

You must first choose the material you prefer before focusing on the color, it is preferred to use white for the ultimate hotel style beds experience.

Pure cotton high thread-count bed linen is the best option if you want to get the crisp, clean look of a hotel bed.

First of all, as 100% cotton items are naturally permeable, they aid in regulating your body’s temperature and moisture content, preventing the sweaty sensation you might get with synthetic fibers.

In addition to being far more comfortable, high thread count textiles are gentler against the skin, ensuring that you are less likely to experience feeling wrapped up or trapped by harsher fabrics that cling, specifically to sleepwear.

How To Add Sheet

When you pick a set of sheets you like, arrange them on the bed in the following order:

Fitted Sheet:

Also known as a “bottom sheet”—must be placed on top of the mattress and mattress protector, and it must be tight enough to completely enclose each mattress corner. Then, to assist add stability to the sheet and make it less likely to rise in the middle of the night by tucking the sheet underneath the edge of the mattress.

Top Sheet:

Place the flat sheet on top of the fitted sheet to ensure that it is level on both sides.

You must lay your sheets with the printed side facing down if they have a pattern. The top of the flat sheet should be folded over, and the sides and end should be tucked under the mattress. 

For a neat appearance, fold the sheet’s edge first beneath the mattress to create corners. Next, grab the side edge of the bed about 16 inches from the end and push it onto the top of the mattress. The edge should be at a 45-degree angle. Before letting the edge fall, tuck in any excess material. After smoothing the edge, tuck the entire side under the mattress.


Things start to look together here. Depending on your environment and preferences, you can layer blankets, comforters, and duvets after you’ve laid your sheets. Take note of the details when you layer your bedding. Make sure your duvet isn’t coming loose from the cover, help hide any exposed zips neatly, and pay close attention to how you display yourself. Paying close attention to the little things will give your room an instant boost in elegance.

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For anyone who prefers a heavier cover, duvets are perfect. Because of the extra plushness, a bed also appears more lavish. On the other hand, during warmer weather, blankets, quilts, and coverlets are fantastic.

You can either sleep beneath a coverlet, quilt, or blanket while layering a bed, or you can use them as accents. Lay one across the foot of your bed, or layer them between your flat sheet and top cover (a duvet or quilt).


From designer beds to hotel bedding layers, it’s obvious that using an odd number of accent pillows is the way to go. For the greatest impact, don’t use more than six on large beds; three is perfect for single beds. Avoid uniform groupings and instead mix and match various sizes, colors, designs, and forms. Once more, this produces a casual, relaxed atmosphere that is ideal for the bedroom.

Put matching euro shams that go with the duvet at the foot of the bed on the headboard’s back.

This enhances the pattern on the bed and carries the bedding’s design through.

Double Bed: Two big pillows, two little bolster pillows, and one little square pillow.

How To Set Up:  On a regular double bed, go for two huge pillows and layer up with two smaller rectangle pillows.  Then, with a small square cushion in front of the set-up, you can make the sides of the bed together look cohesive.

King Size Bed: Three enormous pillows, two square sham cushions, two large rectangular cushions, and one bolster cushion are included in a king-size bed.

How To Arrange: For a king-size bed, add a third huge cushion at the back and use two square sham cushions in between the place, which sit behind larger rectangle cushions, to complete the look.

Final Touches: If you want some color, extra pillows are usually a quick and inexpensive way to change things up, embellish, and add that burst of color. This way, you won’t have to go out and buy a brand-new comforter or sheet set just to change the look! For example, adding seasonal pillows, spring or winter hues, etc., to modify the theme of your room without going over budget.


How Can I make my Bed Luxurious?

Investing in all-white bedding with numerous layers is one simple method to give your bed a more luxurious appearance.

How do you Make your Bed Feel like a Cloud?

A memory foam mattress topper will offer a layer of comfort and support to your bed. A quilted mattress cover that also serves as a soft cushion will help keep the memory foam in place.

Why do Hotel Beds Feel so Good?

You feel entirely at ease since the bedsheets used on hotel beds heighten your sense of comfort and relaxation. The use of fabric softeners, cleansers, and other deodorizing chemicals improves the overall experience.

Why are Hotel Comforters so Fluffy?

Hotels use extra-fluffy comforters that are a few inches bigger and longer than the cotton duvet covers that cover them to give the impression that the comforters are piled high. The ultimate result has a more voluminous, more rich appearance and feel.

What Bedding do they use in Hotels?

In hotels, blankets are commonly woven or fleeced, with options for 100% cotton, cotton-poly mixes, and 100% polyester.


Although learning how to layer a bed may be essential to the design of your bedroom, there is more to a nice interior than that. So, in addition to fresh bedding, add some other trendy and useful accents to the space, such as a centerpiece or abstract area rug. On a winter morning, when you get out of bed, your feet will undoubtedly appreciate it.

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