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How To Layer A Bed

how to make a bed like a designer

If you are into room decor, you might probably know the significance of the unlimited ways one can get to know how to layer a bed. There are numerous ways through which you can make necessary changes in the outlook of your room and make it look different with a whole new touch. It is up to you whether you need to do it on your own or want to hire a professional who can help you in doing all of this.

What about doing it yourself without hiring an expert and saving money? Sounds fascinating, I know, right? Here we will let you know how you all can make a bed look like a designer created it.

Best Layered Bedding Ideas

1) Start with the Basics

Before we go any further, it is significant to have a look at the basics of layered bedding. The bottom layers may look the least significant, but in fact, they’re the most vital part of the bedding as your whole body comes into contact with your sheet set, which is why this is the vital part of having a comfy sleep.

Nobody would like to put up with sweaty, way too loose, or tight sheets that can’t stay in one place! That’s why purchasing good-quality, natural fiber-fitted flat sheets and pillowcases are recommended. It is a bit expensive but worth it. Apart from that, it’s more sustainable than synthetic bedding as well.

2) How to Layer Bedding with Cushions

The first decorative bedding idea is to throw cushions as they are one of the best ways to introduce color and texture that gives your room a new look. To provide it with the complete look, layer large cushions behind your pillows with smaller cushions positioned in front. You can also match your cushions to your bedroom’s color scheme. You won’t regret the excellent result if you want to achieve an aesthetic style with gold and silver accents or go bold with a deep navy blue.

layered bedding ideas

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3) Drape Throws

Another bed layering idea that will work fine is to create an aesthetic style by hanging a throw over the end of your bed. It doesn’t matter if you like a lightweight knitted blanket, would like to include a bit of pattern or if you’re looking for a thick bedspread to give a plush-looking bed; both bedspreads and throws will add an extra charm. Correctly place your throw over the end of your bed, or, for an additional touch of style, you can hang it over the corner, as it will allow your throw to drop to the floor for a comfy look.

4) Making the most out of Textures

When we talk about decorative blankets, accent pillows, and throws, it is best to experiment with various textures, such as an expert designer. It’ll add visual charm to the look of your room. You can go for velvet, faux fur, and chunky knits as these are all great options, with many more to pick from, and you will never run out of options.

5) Accent Pillows

There are no second thoughts about the fact that an uneven number of accent pillows is the way to go. Three would work best for single beds but don’t overuse it or add more than six on large beds for the best result. You can also mix and match various shapes, sizes, designs, and colors and avoid similar arrangements. Again, this will create a peaceful, casual feeling that would be perfect for the bedroom.

6) Select a Classic Duvet Cover

Choosing a white duvet cover will be a classic bedroom interior idea, and add that designer look and feel you are looking for. You can match it with any other color to include depth and texture in your bedroom. If you need your bedroom to feel bright and airy without using white bedding, go for a lighter color palette, including sage green, light grey, stone, or pastel pink.

7) Create a Theme and Color Palette

You can choose a bold design that makes your bed the main point, then build the theme around the bedding design. For instance, bedding with a botanical design can be enhanced with pretty green plants and rich colored walls. You can pick any other themes you like the most based on your taste or the room’s decor.

8) Trying an Area Rug

It may be in the center of your bedroom’s style, but there’s more that can be done to a good interior than going for the options of how to layer a bed. So, add some other charming and realistic touches to the room, except for new bedding, like a lovely area rug. Your feet will feel good when getting out of bed on a winter morning.

9) Adding a Duvet

Style your bed to a new level of bedding by layering a folded double duvet at the end of your bed. It’s an excellent way to give your bed a thick and fluffy look. You can create an additional touch by picking a patterned duvet cover or one with a touch of color. It is best to ensure that your double duvet falls effortlessly over the edge of your bed while still covering your main duvet to give it the most luxurious vibe.

10) Don’t Overlook the Significance of your Mattress

Choosing a bed that is way too expensive or too cheap is unnecessary to give it a chic look. You can make any bed look beautiful, but the key is to remember that good sleep is based on your mattress. Make sure that your bed doesn’t only seem stylish but also gives you a similar feeling. You can be sure to find the perfect base for your beautiful bed linen, starting from pocket sprung mattresses to hybrid or foam mattresses.

11) Focus on Details

Layering beds is all about emphasizing minor details. Details such as a piped edge, a button, exposed zip, or metallic foiling can add a layer of charm and gives an aesthetic touch to bed styling. And whatsoever is hidden is essential. Keeping this in mind, it would look great to go for a flat sheet with old-school hospital corners.

12) Layer a Bed with Blankets

Do you know how to layer blankets on a bed? For the proper effect, you need to hang them casually, or you can do it by being slightly bundled across the corner of your bed to give the room a cozy feel. We all know that bedrooms are comfy spaces. You can also arrange your bedding by folding them properly and laying them across the foot of the bed.

Final Words

The bedding mentioned above is some of the best ones you can try out in case you need to give your room a professional look. We hope you now have enough information about layering your bed and can do it without any trouble.

Don’t waste your time and money searching for an expert because now you can make all these changes yourself. Go for it, and start changing the decor. Feel free to reach out in case of any queries. We would love to know about your feedback and the bed layering experience with the mentioned tips in this article.


How Can I Make My Bed Look Luxurious?

Many things can be done. You can utilize euro pillows as the base pillows in the back of your bed. These tend to be plusher and will take up massive space on the headboard and make your bed look luxurious.

How Many Pillows Should Be On a Bed?

According to professionals, an average person should have at least 6 to 10 pillows for their bed, but most people sleep with just one or two pillows.

How Do I Style My Bed Like A Hotel?

To style your bed like a hotel, you can add many perks, such as noticing details of the room, color scheme, the texture of the room, and the items you use for the decor, adding a duvet and rug, adding cushions, and doing a lot more.

How Many Layers Should A Bed Have?

A bed should have between three and seven layers. These can contain the following items: duvet, fitted or flat sheet, pillows, blanket, a mattress protector, bed skirt, top sheet, comforter, and throw.