Best Celadon Green Paint Colors for Every Room in Your House

Celadon Green

The celadon green color has been invading home decor magazines for some time.

Soft and natural, the shade is available to invest all the rooms of the house.

On walls, furniture or accessories, integrate celadon green in your decoration to give your living space a whole new dimension.

Table of Content:

01 | The Color Celadon Green, What Is It?

The celadon green is a pale green, oscillating between green-gray and green water, always soft and discreet.

More generally the term “celadon” can be used for any light, powdery, almost pastel shade.

The origin of the word “celadon” can be traced back to Honoré d’Urfe.

In 1610, in his pastoral novel “L’Astree”, he unveiled a shepherd character named Céladon, who proudly wore many pale green ribbons on his costume.

The reference also turns to the Chinese ceramics of Longquan.

Very popular in France, the pottery declines this famous shade of green, by adding iron oxide during their glazing.

Today celadon green is once again extremely trendy.

This natural color fits perfectly into the current decorative spirit, for its neutral and soothing side.

clear green entrance canopy
living space with celadon green wall paint

02 | What Colors To Associate Celadon Green With?

Multiple combinations are possible with celadon green, the trick is to always enhance it without drowning it.

The combination of neutral colors such as white or beige will be perfect for a peaceful, refined atmosphere.

Close to mint water, the naturalness of celadon green will easily find its place in the middle of the decorations putting wood in the spotlight.

With light wood for an ultra-bright room, in opposition to dark wood for a controlled contrast.

dark wood associated with celadon green
green dining room, light wood and white

In order to create a vegetal atmosphere, celadon green can be associated with other shades of green.

The darker khaki green, or the pep of apple green, will highlight this muted color.

Also play on diversity, by daring to integrate a mustard yellow or a soft pink.

Both perfectly complement the neighboring shades of sea green, as is the case of intense blue.

green set with sofa and yellow armchair
touch of rose in a celadon green atmosphere

03 | Green In The Living Room

Green can be installed in the living room in different forms.

As the main color, with wall paint or wallpaper.

With colored touches on furniture or decoration.

In combination with a material such as wood or even metal.

living room in variation of green
green decorative touches in the living room

A celadon green sofa sets the tone for a natural room, white curtains, a cushion, or even a plaid, will punctuate the decor with their pastel color.

The light green color is a perfect match for Scandinavian decoration, using furniture with a clean design and curved lines.

A range of indoor plants will add nuance to the color, for a living room under the sign of calm.

Contrast with a dark color, to give a touch of character to the pale green living room.

sofa in neutral tones in front of a green wall
living space in plant colors

04 | A Dining Room In Green Tones

The dining room can also be in tune with nature.

A dominant shade of pale green will be enhanced by colorful touches. So as not to lose the dynamism of the room.

The dining room is a friendly and warm room, the freshness of celadon green offers a real breath of fresh air.

living space decorated in mustard and green
water green furniture and white metro tiles

Without exposing it to the walls, green also color your furniture.

Chairs, tables but also suspensions or cushions, are adorned with this trendy color.

In combination with neutral colors or natural materials, your dining room becomes brighter.

The softness of celadon green soothes the mind and promotes relaxation, for an interior under the sign of plenitude.

dining room with notes of green
sea green chairs in Scandinavian dining room

05 | A Celadon Green Kitchen

Let’s take a look at the look of the kitchen, it’s time to refresh this pivotal room in the house.

Why not change its color, to give it a more contemporary look?

Celadon green is an ultra-trendy tone, which may transform your kitchen.

A light shade for a luminous atmosphere, so pleasant to the first rays of sunshine.

kitchen in soft green
green paint in a country kitchen

Choose celadon-colored lacquered furniture or opt for the depth of a matte finish.

Combine the mint color with the water of the walls, with white or even black elements, to accentuate the contrast.

To complete the decoration, don’t hesitate to display your aromatic and ornamental plants, for a nice shade of green.

white and green lacquered kitchen
white and wood kitchen in a light green room

06 | The Green Integrates The Parental Room

It is always pleasant to create a calm and cocooning environment in your room.

For this, neutral and pastel colors are ideal, to mix with deep shades.

The soft green, as well as the old pink or lavender-blue, combine and color the room.

The bed linen, cushions, and accessories are dressed in green for a beautiful visual connection.

green variegated wall, bed linen and vase
green and pink decoration in an adult bedroom

A single wall, like the one where your headboard is located. Can be painted pale green to incorporate this light and pleasant shade.

Keep surfaces clear to increase the brightness and enhance the intensity of green.

Play with subtle lights and decorative elements in a variation of green, or by combining complementary colors.

green wall in a bohemian bedroom
zen atmosphere in an attic room

07 | A Mixed Baby Room With Soft Green

Looking for a break from the traditional pink or blue of the baby room?

Go for the freshness of a trendy green.

It combines many colors for a mixed and vitaminized baby room.

The pale green widely used on the walls will soothe baby, for the first months with peace of mind.

baby room in green and yellow
water green and gray in the baby area

Focus on the variety of decorations for children’s rooms, but also on a beautiful green carpet to perfect the atmosphere.

A celadon green paint or a wallpaper, let your desires run wild, green is easily found in all decorating stores.

The baby’s room will be out of the ordinary, dressed in a plant shade in the air of time.

baby room painted green and yellow decor
baby bed with veil on a celadon green background

08 | Vegetable Shades In The Bathroom

If there is a place we like to invite nature, it is the bathroom.

In order to create a space for relaxation, but also for a change of scenery, many of you already use green in this room.

A light, fresh and bright color, as soft as the moss of the undergrowth, from which it borrows the nuances.

zen bathroom, vegetal atmosphere
water green bathroom with geometric patterns

However, celadon green can shun its soft side and collaborate with design.

Add geometric patterns, bold colors, or strict lines to it for an explosive visual effect!

For a celadon bathroom, bet on paint, or why not a tile in the same tone?

white and celadon green bathroom elements
duo subway facings and soft green paint

09 | Where To Find Celadon Green Paint?

Just like the decorating trends, the big brands offer all shades of green.

Dulux Valentine offers a “green Provence”, as a sweet memory of the garrigue, while Farrow & Ball gives the color a boost with its “arsenic” shade.

Tollens rediscovers the original shade of Chinese ceramics in his “celadon tang” painting.

Ripolin’s “water green” remains in the same line with a slightly darker green, very close to the “celadon 13-6108tx” of the famous Pantone.

Finally, Ressource authentic paints find ancestral shades and propose the “pale celadon green”, a soothing lichen green.

10 | Dare To Use Green Wallpaper

Why not dress your walls in green?

We don’t always think about this color and yet you would be surprised at its effect.

Wallpaper now declines green in all its forms, to meet the current trend.

It can be plain, or simply textured for a discreet wall covering.

The celadon green wallpaper can also bring character, using imposing patterns.

Do you like geometric and graphic prints?

Soft green combines with the rigor of shapes for modern and contemporary wallpapers.


The color celadon green can take place almost anywhere in the house. Green is in the spotlight in interior decoration. In the movement of a return to nature, green is now coveted. Don’t wait any longer, give your home a touch of fresh green.

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