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Bathroom Colors Idea: Discover The Trendy Colors In 2023!

bathroom colors ideas 2022

This year, bathrooms are getting some color to brighten up the morning. Discover the trendy colors to adopt.

While beige, white, and charcoal grey continues to be welcome in our bathrooms as they are so timeless and all-purpose, other colors, brighter and more dynamic, are making their mark to bring a touch of joy into our lives in 2022.

Bathrooms with Color: Pink, Blue, Purple

Pink is available in salmon shades for maximum softness and more acidic shades that bring a pop to the bathroom. A place where good vibes have their place thanks to colors that evoke cheerfulness and well-being. A place to feel good and positive while preparing for the day’s work ahead. For a soft and colorful atmosphere, we opt for pastel shades such as lilac violet, which will make the bathroom a real little cocoon.

Pink Paint For A Delicate Bathroom

Both soft and pleasant, pink blends into a delicate bathroom. We love its refined spirit for a piece where every detail counts. It goes well with raw wood and a contemporary style: a bathtub and a sink with minimalist lines, designer taps, and refined decoration. The pink paint is applied in moderation, on a wall section, or via a touch of color.


Blue, A Timeless Color In The Bathroom

Timeless, blue crosses the modes in the bathroom. It remains a leading color with a connotation to water, evoking a feeling of well-being. To create a room with character, blue is combined with darker shades, such as intense gray. When the room has a good height, it is wise to paint the ceiling and the top of the wall to bring a feeling of warmth. The space then becomes cozy with a beautiful bathtub.


Colors of Bathrooms: Dare To Use Bright And Tonic Colors, But Only In Touches

If the bright colors are superb and bring a lot of structure and a strong presence to your room, they are to be used preferably in a punctual way. You have understood, we avoid the total look that is a little outdated. In the shades of the moment, we find red and yellow. These declined in all their tones, but we still prefer the brightest that give personality and character to your bathroom.

These colors put you in a good mood when you wake up and sparkle with dynamism! An intense yellow will brighten up a bathroom with a blue floor, and it goes well with almost any color and furniture. In general, avoid light yellows that would appear bland and insipid, prefer curry, mustard, or strong tones. It offers a very contemporary version when worked with gray, anthracite, or lighter, it is then a perfect match.

The same goes for red, which is very fashionable and almost fluorescent, but if you hesitate and are afraid, you can tone it down with white or choose a darker shade. Dare to recall the shade by choosing your bathroom linen or some accessories. These colors were mostly used in children’s bathrooms, you can now find them in yours too.

dark theme

A few touches of yellow for this elegant and refined bathroom all in gray. A superb combination, the room is awakened by the presence of this bright hue.

yellow theme

more restrained, but still very pretty too, light wood and white punctuated with yellow, for maximum effect.

lime yelloe

Colors for Bathroom Walls: Earthy And Plant

While flashy colors are making a comeback in bathrooms, earthy and plant colors are still in vogue. We like khaki green for a relaxing and muted atmosphere. To bring more light into the room, we’re going for sandy beige. Finally, to bring the sun into our bathrooms, there’s nothing like terracotta, which is taking on a stronger, more intense look this year.

Pastel Colors For A Cozy And Fresh Atmosphere!

Pastel shades are making a remarkable comeback in our interiors and they are successfully invading the bathroom. Do you like the boudoir side? Nothing could be simpler with pastel tones. From the very trendy powder pink to the water green passing by the often forgotten and yet particularly refined pastel gray, have fun and create the atmosphere you want. Dare with marble, mint green for the freshness of this combination.

Softness and cocooning guaranteed with pastel, you will not regret your new bathroom for tender and gentle awakenings. You will also appreciate it in the evening after an exhausting day. You will marry them with natural colors and materials, light wood, white or gray furniture, metal accessories… These colors bring brightness and are perfect for visually enlarging a room. You can use them on any wall without any problem.


Make Way For Light With Bright White!

White has been around for years and is still around. Today, we adopt the total white look to enlarge and brighten up our bath space. We love its simplicity and freshness. And if you really want to, you can add a touch of color or a light plant. And if one day, you get tired of it, just paint a wall, change for colorful furniture and accessories, and it’s done!

You can easily combine it with gray, with natural and raw materials. Anyway, with a white base, everything is possible.


Brown, Warm, And Soft For The Bathroom

Quite singular, the brown paint arouses curiosity in the bathroom. It evokes gluttony and all its pleasures, an essential character trait in a room dedicated to well-being. Like a bubble, the paint is found on the walls but also, why not, on the ceiling. Brown is also linked to a certain exoticism. It is a favorable setting for a raw style with wood, baskets, natural notes.

brown bathroom

A Sky Blue For A Regressive Bathroom

Linked to childhood, sky blue has a light and soft connotation. Like the other blues, it is easy to apply in the bathroom and adapts to various styles. With wood and white tones, it stands out for its simplicity. Sky blue paint is also a nice decor for a children’s bathroom by its regressive side.

sky bluee

A Neutral Gray In A Contemporary Bathroom

Pure gray (without yellow or blue tint) is raw and simple to combine. In the bathroom, it knows how to be discreet enough not to attract too much attention while highlighting the various elements. Gray paint is connoted with a rather contemporary and urban universe with hints of black and cold materials, but it can also be used in a country house style bathroom with a more traditional style.

curry yellow

A Warm Bathroom With A Curry Yellow Shade

With the idea of ​​creating a welcoming room, where one feels good, warm colors are coveted in the bathroom. A beautiful curry yellow with a muted tone knows how to be soft and enveloping at the same time. On a wall, it is self-sufficient. We like the idea of ​​also finding it on a clawfoot bathtub and shelves on the wall for a totally uniform look.

curry yellow

Taupe Paint For A Retro Bathroom

In a large bathroom, the colors like warm tones, evocative of well-being. On a wall, the taupe is neutral enough to go with everything and unique enough to bring real personality to the room. Combined with wood and white, it is simple and elegant for a decorative bathroom.

taupe paint

All In Black And White, Fashion Making Its Way…

It’s the combination of rising trends and absolutely chic. A graphic and elegant wedding, which we never tire of. It’s very fresh contrary to what you think and it gives a youthful look to your space! The advantage is that depending on the accessories with which you dress it, it completely changes style. It can go from contemporary to romantic, passing an industrial or design look, a real chameleon.

With this combination, you can afford everything on the furniture and accessories side, white, black for a total look, but also light wood, metal elements, touches of gold, and why not even a touch of color, in the bathroom linen or a pretty vase.

We let you appreciate this successful marriage through some photos:

black n white bathroom

Here, the atmosphere is very designed and contemporary with its original furniture and sanitary elements. The black spreads out on the floor and is echoed on the white walls by a frieze!

Grey, The Touch Is As Elegant As It Is Contemporary And Timeless!

The year 2022 will once again be placed under the gray color which comes in light or dark gray in the bathroom without problem. For more originality, play with textured materials and material effects with waxed concrete on the floor, for example. The height of luxury is to add quality accessories. You can choose a very pretty piece of furniture in light wood to give it a little soul. With grey, it’s all a question of dosage!

To find ideas, let yourself be guided by these few photos and many others that you will find in the gallery!

black mosaic

Green To Be Prohibited In The Bathroom, Unless…

You’ve read it everywhere, the green in the bathroom, its insurance bad looks… and indeed, it’s true especially when it pulls on the yellow! Yet if it’s your favorite color, no problem, you’ll be able to use it, but on one condition: choose it in a matte finish and banish the one that contains a hint of yellow. The advantage of the matte finish is that it does not reflect light and therefore you avoid the olive skin tone that could depress you in the morning when you get up.

You can also pair it with white or gray to tone down its presence a bit. Lightwood and natural materials are perfect for letting greenery into your home. Here is a very beautiful illustration of a brilliantly successful marriage and creating a refined atmosphere.

green prohibtion

Blue, Green, White, Terracotta… What are the Best Colors of Bathrooms?

In absolute terms, you can obviously choose any color for your bathroom, but some are more conducive to creating an atmosphere of well-being and are at the heart of the latest trends. Here are our favorites.

1. The Natural Color Scheme:

From beige to taupe, passing through gray or even camel, ochre, or light brown, all-natural shades mix together and create a zen and peaceful atmosphere, conducive to rejuvenation.

2. Dark Colors:

More unexpected, intense, and dark colors have the power to give character to a bathroom, whether it is windowless or not. Black, midnight blue, fir green… You have the choice as long as you play the color to the fullest to create a velvety cocoon.

3. Gray, Again and Again:

Gray is the decorating staple of the last decade. In the bathroom, it is always welcome, no matter what style you like. With it, you can play with materials: concrete, stone, pebble …

4. Aquatic Blue-Greens:

Blues and greens have always had their place in the bathroom. In recent years, decorating trends have put them back in the spotlight, in an intense and deep version. Peacock blue, duck blue, emerald green… We like these colors in matte paint, on one wall or several, via tiles, or even on a wall covered with wallpaper.

5. Powder Pink:

Bright and cozy, powder pink creates a boudoir atmosphere in the bathroom.

6. The Terracotta Color:

More intense, the terracotta shade gives rhythm to the room and is at the heart of the bohemian trend.

7. Black and White Contrasts:

Black and white are always effective in a functional room like the bathroom. The contrast gives personality and you are sure not to get tired of it.

8. White is a Must:

The white bathroom is a great classic. Tiled, bright, and easy to clean, it is perfectly timeless. And since you don’t redo your bathroom every year, it’s a durable choice, which doesn’t prevent you from accessorizing the room with materials or touches of color.


What Color for the Tile or the Floor of the Bathroom?

The floor of the bathroom must first be resistant to moisture and easy to clean. Tile, waterproof parquet, waxed concrete, leaves many possibilities. You can opt for white or light beige to brighten up the room, on the other hand, you can choose a mouse gray or anthracite to give the room depth. Rarer, colored floors can give all their originality to your bathroom.

What Color to Choose for a Windowless Bathroom?

This time, we can bet on the light with light colors on the walls, floors, and furniture. White is always effective, but you can also choose beige colors, very soft and natural. If your lighting offers a good color rendering, you can also choose light colors in the pastel range: powder pink, water green, sky blue, coral.

What Color for a Small Bathroom?

To give a feeling of space in a small bathroom, we favor a single color throughout. A way to push back the walls. Light colors give a sense of freedom: white, beige, light shades of gray. And large mirrors also know how to visually enlarge the room.

What Color for the Bathroom Faucets?

The traditional chrome color of the faucets has competition! From now on, you can find white faucets but also gold, black, or copper. What to give a chic, a vintage touch, or a graphic accent to the room.

What Color for an Indus, Zen, Design, Vintage, or Bohemian Style Bathroom?

Certain colors enhance certain styles better. This is of course true in the bathroom!

  • For an Industrial Style Bathroom: Neutrals, black, white, and gray are perfect, as are variations of khaki green. To perfect the style, touches of wood are also welcome.
  • For a Natural or Zen Bathroom: Natural colors such as mineral gray, beige and light brown are preferred; in duo with materials such as wood or stone.
  • For a Designer Bathroom: We like graphic accents, either in neutral colors such as black and white and gray or in small touches of color such as turquoise, celadon, green, yellow.
  • For a Vintage Chic Bathroom: You can choose an Art Deco atmosphere with emerald green and touches of gold. If you prefer the refinement of Parisian bathrooms, you’ll choose black and white and the inevitable metro tiles.
  • For a Bohemian Bathroom: We explore the palette of warm colors such as pink beige, camel, or terracotta.

What Color Paint or Tile should be on the Bathroom Walls?

To put color on the walls of the bathroom, the first option is of course the paint. But not just any paint: of course, choose a special bathroom paint, which resists humidity. Whatever the color, we opt for a velvet finish in the latest decorating trends. In the bathroom, we also like the effect coatings such as waxed concrete or tadelakt style coating, or lime coating.

Tiles are also colorful. The zelliges, with their beautiful imperfections, give an artisanal character to your bathroom in blue, green, red, or yellow. The mosaic also makes a comeback. You will also find tiles with colorful patterns like cement tiles or more contemporary graphic or geometric patterns.

The decorating idea that doesn’t lack originality? Color the joints of a white tile in blue or black. With a few reminders of color on the room’s accessories, harmony is the order of the day.

Think also of wallpaper that even ends up in the bathroom, as long as it is vinyl and placed at a reasonable distance from water points. You can opt for a panoramic wallpaper, a paper with a plant motif for a tropical effect, or Art Deco motifs for a chic bathroom.

What Color for the Walls of the Walk In Shower?

Is the walk-in shower the star of your bathroom? Go all the way and highlight its walls with a touch of color. Golden beige like in a hammam, covered with water green zellige, anthracite gray for a more contemporary effect… It’s up to you to transform this shower space into the star of the room.

What Color to Choose for the Bathroom Furniture?

For the fronts of your bathroom furniture, you will now find a wide range of colors and finishes. All wood colors but also pastel colors (powder pink, sky blue, water green, mouse gray) and strong colors like ink blue or fir green. You can of course coordinate everything, but the latest decorating trends also like the mix of different facades. An example? A mix of light wood and white, always successful.

What Color to Choose for Bathroom Accessories?

Accessories in the bathroom are not only decorative but are also fundamentally practical. Toothbrushes, towel racks, wastebaskets, storage baskets, soap dishes… All are necessary and can make your decorating experience vibrant.

You can of course choose them in harmony with the rest of the decor, as well as well-cared details. In light wood or plant fibers for a natural bathroom. In black metal for an industrial bathroom.

You can also choose them in contrast with the decor to give rhythm. Colored accessories, for example, terracotta ceramics, or copper accessories.

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