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Ideas To Decorate The Bathroom: 7 Trendy Styles Low Traffic

Bathroom Trends 2021

Thinking about the ideas for bathroom decor This year the graphic is in the spotlight with black lines in a white bathroom for example. That’s not all: play with materials, technology, wood, asymmetrical accessories, and an island bathtub that sits in the middle of the room.

Bathroom Decor 2022/23: 7 Trendy Styles To Adopt

This room is not too complicated to decorate: the important thing is to always succeed in bringing light. The bathroom is even more design-oriented, to the point that it no longer hesitates to play with materials and become intelligent. Only one trend remains the same as last year: the central place of the bathtub. Now it’s up to you to choose the top 7 bathroom trends of 2022/23 to perfect your decor.

1. Asymmetrical Elements: Accept The Irregularities

A bathroom is full of right angles: tiles, rectangular mirrors, showers… This year, we break all this straightness! We do not hesitate to invest in original bathroom accessories. The best choice for this? The mirror! You can find them in all shapes: pentagon, trapezoid, polygon… Relax and accept this irregularity of your environment every morning.

mirror stands out in the bathroom

This Mirror Stands Out from the usual Rectangles in the Bathroom

uniquely shaped mirror

This Mirror with its Particular Shape is a Real Design Element

2. Graphic Bathroom: The Trend in 2022/23

If you’re wondering what the number one bathroom trend of 2022/23 is, here it is: graphic! But what is a graphic bathroom? It means that your room is going to have fairly neutral colors, usually white, and you’re going to include lines of black color.

For example, you can imagine painting the edges of shower glass, the feet of a faucet, or even the frame of a mirror in black! The idea is to have thin black lines on a neutral color background to bring that graphic look, and thus follow the bathroom trend in 2022/23.

bathroom made graphic

A Bathroom made Graphic with Multiple Black Lines

wall covering for bathroom

This Wall Covering also gives a Graphic Touch

3. A Bathroom In Relief: Play With Materials

Another trend for bathrooms in 2022/23: The addition of materials in the bathroom.

Gone are the Smooth, Flat Walls! This Year, we bring Relief:

  • Non-smooth wood,
  • Rough stone,
  • hollowed-out tiles,

Attack the floor too! Opt for floor coverings that imitate concrete or stone. This will bring character to the bathroom, and vary from smooth, almost bland coverings compared to today’s bathroom trend.

use stone in bathroom

This Stone Gives all its Character to this Room

use subway tiling

A Subway Tile that Looks Great

4. An Island Bathtub: The Element That Dominates The Room

To end this fashion show, a special mention to people with a bathtub. We find a trend already present last year: the island bathtub. This simply means placing the bathtub in the center of your bathroom (sometimes on one side anyway) but always with a clean space around it. We have a design element for the bathroom that makes you come out like a king when you take your bath.

empty space around the bathtub

Empty Space Around the Bathtub

bathtub will be the dream

This Layout of your Bathtub will be a Dream come True for Anyone Looking for a Trendy Look.

5. Wood: A Natural And Warm Room

The bathroom must be welcoming every morning. How do you do that? We place wood in the bathroom. This material of warm color will bring good zen energies while giving a natural and cozy side. There is no shortage of inspiration for bringing wood into the bathroom: furniture, shelves, shower floor, mirror frame, wall panel… Let your imagination guide you!

wooden cabinet for bathroom

This Wooden Furniture is Totally Suitable for a Bathroom

6. The Bathroom In The Bedroom

We have always lived in homes where all the rooms were clearly delimited by walls and doors. Then we saw the advent of open American kitchens, which made the living room and kitchen a single space.

Arranging a bathroom in the bedroom

A Cocoon just for you that Combines Two Essential Room

7. Connected Furniture: A Futuristic Bathroom

We’re approaching a futuristic era, and it shows in the bathroom trends in 2022/23: make way for the smart bathroom! Connect this room with a home automation system, and enjoy a whole new experience of the morning routine.

Today’s systems allow you to activate the faucet by placing your hands under it, and it will turn off when it no longer detects your hands. The same goes for a lighted mirror: you can activate it by passing your hand in front of it so that its bulbs light up.

mirror for bathroom decor

This Mirror can be illuminated with a Simple Gesture of your Hand

high tech faucet

This High Tech Faucet is a 2022/23 Trend for the Bathroom

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