Types Of Pillow Cases You Should Know

types of pillow cases

We use pillowcases to cover our pillows and spruce up our beds with decorative flare. Although the majority of people use a single type of pillowcase, there are various other options available that have their own benefits. So, what types of pillow cases are available? We have looked into each one to find the solution for you.

Pillowcase Styles

Similar to how not all pillows are the same, not all pillowcases are the same. You must start by deciding on the pattern you desire before you can select the ideal pillowcase.

Housewife – Pillowcase Styles:

The design known as “Housewife” is the most popular and widely used type of pillowcases that may be found in every home. These pillowcases have a big opening on one side and a closed side that you can insert your pillowcase into. 

They are typical pillow cases that tightly encase the entire pillow to prevent creasing and sagging. Because they are the most widely used and generic style of pillowcases, housewife covers are also a very affordable choice.

Oxford – Pillowcase Styles

Compared to housewife style pillowcases, oxford pillowcases are a little finer. All of its edges have a border that is typically two inches broad. Oxford pillowcases can be used as a primary pillow if they are simpler or plainer, but many people use them as decorative shams for their mattresses.

Oxford Pillowcase

The Oxford pillowcase is often thought of as decorative and has a border around the edges that is about two inches wide. There are also mock Oxford pillowcases, which are distinct from the original version. Even though they are extremely similar, they are more elegant, and the mock version lacks the regular one’s sharp corners.

It’s also important to note that these types of pillow cases are more challenging to replace, making them unsuitable for regular use. It’s also important to note that these pillowcases are more challenging to replace, making them unsuitable for regular use.

Bag Style – Pillowcase Styles

If you’ve ever stayed the night in a hotel, you’ve probably seen bag style pillowcases. Since they are so simple to operate, they are widely used in the hospitality sector. They include a side aperture that makes it simple to put the pillow in.

Bagstyle Pillowcase

They have a hole on one side where the pillow can be inserted, but there is no inner flap to keep the cushion in the pouch. In order to keep the opening flap in place, hotels frequently fold it under the pillow. Bag pillowcases are more popular for the household market and are included with bedding sets, while they are still mostly used in hotels. 

These pillowcases are without a doubt the easiest to clean that you can find in the market. Although they are frequently found in hotels and bed and breakfasts, they may also be found in many homes.

Decorative Pillowcases

Throw pillowcases are only used for throw pillows, as you can probably infer from the name. Whether it’s your bed, couch, or chair, you may place these decorative pillows anywhere you like to add a pop of elegance because they are only meant to be decorative.

decorative pillowcases
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Throw pillowcases are different from the others on our list in that they weren’t made with the idea that someone would sleep on them. This means that they normally aren’t effective at gathering any possible nighttime sweat and oil production. They can still shield your pillow from dirt and dust, though.

Fabrics For Pillowcases

Pillowcases are available in a wide range of textures and materials. Based on comfort, durability, ease of care, and other considerations, you can choose which fabric to use.

You must be aware of what you want before selecting the fabric for your pillowcase. Consider the type of sleep quality that you desire. It will be simpler to choose if you are aware of the advantages you are looking for in a fabric.

types of pillowcase closures
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1) Cotton

We’ll start with cotton, which is the most widely used and preferred bedding material. Because of its strength and softness, this natural fabric ensures a restful night’s sleep. Additionally, it remains warm in the winter and cool in the summer, so you will always be comfortable.

Cotton pillowcases are available in all sizes, including normal, queen, king, and body pillow. Though they frequently have plain colours rather than intricate designs, they also come in a variety of colours. Some cotton items have a wrinkling problem. Cotton pillows cost more up front, but many people think their durability will make them worthwhile.

2) Pillows Made Of Polyester

Polyester might become your new best friend if you’re seeking for a more practical yet still comfy option for your pillowcases. For pillowcases, this synthetic material offers a cost-effective alternative. It is lightweight and crease-resistant.

The way the fabric was spun will determine how your polyester pillowcases feel. Some varieties of polyester are produced to feel very much like cotton by knitting them into microfibers. In other instances, it may have the appearance of silk but be made of satin.

If you choose polyester, you should be aware that it might get extremely warm because it absorbs heat from your body. This isn’t the best option for people who need their pillowcases to be cool at all times or for the summer.

3) Satin

As we’ve already mentioned, satin is simply polyester that has been weaved so that it feels like silk. Satin pillowcases are an excellent option if you want to add some sophistication and comfort to your bedroom. This cloth is very well-liked and offers a wide range of advantages.

It’s soft and pleasant, like we stated, but it’s also extraordinarily flexible. 

Additionally, unlike conventional polyester, it is shiny like silk and cool, making it ideal for the summer. Additionally, it might prevent the development of fine lines and wrinkles on your face. The shiny sheen produced throughout the weaving process is what gives the item its cool aspect.

4) Pillows Made Of Flannel

Many individuals eagerly anticipate the arrival of chilly weather so they can cover their mattresses with soft, comfortable flannel sheets. However, some people may find that warmth to be too strong and wake up with hot heads. Flannel may encourage knots and frizziness in long hair.

Size Does Matter

After choosing the material for your pillowcases, you should consider the size. Naturally, if you’ve already bought pillows, you’ll want to make sure to get the right size. And trust us, it can be perplexing, so it’s always worth checking again. However, if you’re updating your bedding, which should include frequent pillow replacements, now is a wonderful opportunity to consider the size of the pillows you’ll be using on your bed.

In the United States, pillows are typically used in one of four sizes. When making the bed, the higher pillows that normally rest against the headboard are the square, often 26 by 26-inch Euro pillows. The 20 by 26-inch Standard pillow is a rectangular pillow that is ideal for twin, full, and queen mattresses. The King pillow, which is intended for King beds, is 36 inches long in addition to being 20 inches high. The last pillow is the Boudoir pillow, which is somewhat smaller and frequently used for decoration or neck support.


Why is it called a Housewife Pillowcase?

In order to keep the pillowcase in place, the Housewives Co-operative in Bolton modified a typical pillowcase in the 1880s to incorporate an interior flap at the end. They then earned the nickname “Housewife” pillows in tribute to the cooperative.

What are Fancy Pillowcases called?

These pillow coverings, also known as shams, pillow shams, or bed shams, transform standard-sized pillows into bed decorations. While they are comparable to a standard pillowcase, they frequently have a front that is more ornate and an opening in the rear as opposed to the end.

Why do some Pillowcases have a Flap?

The end of a typical pillowcase is open. When making your bed, the pillow can be tucked in and hidden out of sight using pillowcases with special types of pillow cases closures – envelope

How do you Choose a Pillowcase?

When looking for any kind of bedding, the type of fabric is the first thing you should think about. Materials not only impact the comfort of your new pillowcase but also how long they will last. The size of your pillowcase is the next thing to think about. Pay attention to how your pillowcase turns out in the end as well.

What is Bag Style Pillowcase?

The cloth on bag style covers and hangs over the pillow’s end. This style has a more classic appearance and is draped simply.


We give a lot of care to whether our pillows are too soft, too hard, or just perfect. But how much do we consider how to safeguard them? Although they are sometimes disregarded, pillowcases are a crucial component of a bedding set because they safeguard both the pillow and your skin. This article briefly sums up the types of pillow cases.

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