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15 Ideas For A Room Makeover 2022/23

ideas for bedroom makeover

Give your interior a makeover at a low price? Easy! Discover our 15 ideas for an incredible makeover dedicated to small budgets!

Divert the Wooden Crates

Divert the Wooden Crates Decor Ideas

For original and inexpensive storage, turn away the wooden crates. They allow you to store books, magazines, vinyl… and with style!

Cushions on the Sofa

Cushions on the Sofa Decor Ideas

To underline the decoration of the living room, we give the sofa a makeover. Instead of changing it up, choose a cute plaid to give it a makeover. Add some cushions with original patterns and voila!

Painting a Headboard

Painting a Headboard Decor Ideas

A cheap and quick makeover! To spice up your bedroom, put everything on the headboard. But instead of buying a new bed, pick a paint color you like and paint it! Geometric pattern, a section of the wall… It’s up to you!

Moodboard for the Office

Moodboard for the Office Decor Ideas

To give your office a makeover, create a mood board. You can choose it from cork or just hang your photos, memories, frames directly on the wall.

A Garland and you’re done!

Light Garland Decor Ideas

The light garlands have the art of decorating the interior wonderfully as the exterior. So to give your terrace a guinguette spirit, choose a light garland!

Repaint Kitchen Furniture

Repaint Kitchen Furniture Decor Ideas

Once again, to revamp your interior at a low price, painting is ideal!

Plants in the Bathroom

Plants in the Bathroom Decor Ideas

Is your bathroom looking gray and you don’t know how to decorate it? Bet everything on plants!

Personalize the Dining Room Table

Personalize the Dining Room Table Decor Ideas

In the dining room, you personalize your table rather than changing it! A low-cost makeover that will make all the difference.

Paint the Baseboards and the Frame

Paint the Baseboards and the Frame Decor Ideas

To revamp its interior, we paint the door frame. A small change that will bring a lot to the room.

Plug-In the Parquet

Plug in the Parquet Decor Ideas

A damaged parquet? Give it a makeover! Whitewashed parquet brings a lot of light to the room.


Wallpaper Decor Ideas

Use wallpaper to freshen up your fridge! The advantage? You can easily glue and peel it as you wish!

Painting on the Door

Painting on the Door Decor Ideas

To give depth and volume to this too narrow entrance, paint the interior door, as well as the ceiling in blue! You can compete with patterns on the parquet!

Vary the Points of Light

Vary the Points of Light Decor Ideas

Fairy lights, pendant lights, wall lights, table lamps: whatever the room in your house, vary the lighting sources!


Light Garland Around Mirror

Add mirrors to enlarge your living room, your bedroom, or your entrance!

Indoor Plant

Indoor Plant Decor Ideas

A cactus, a focus, or even a pretty bouquet of flowers… green your interior with indoor plants!

Does your home seem trivial to you and you would like to give it a makeover but you have a small budget? Don’t panic, it is quite possible to give your decoration a facelift with almost nothing!

How to Revamp your Decor Cheap and Easily?

Retrieve, blow paint, furnishings, objects decorative… There are several ways to revamp its decor cheap and easy. You just need to be creative and a little bit of a handyman.

For Example: if you have a few wooden crates piling up in your wine cellar, use them to create shelves, coffee tables, storage under the bed… You can even customize them with paint, masking tape, stickers…

Revamp your Decor: How to Personalize It?

The idea is of course to personalize your interior decoration in order to have the most original style possible. No need to rush to the store to buy the shelf that all your friends already have. You can use masking tape or stickers to create geometric patterns and bring lightness, movement to the decor, or even depth. You can also stick wallpaper on your fridge or wooden cabinet to easily give them a makeover without touching paint!

Makeover your Decor: Mistakes to Avoid

Revamping your decor is not that rocket science, however, there are a few mistakes to avoid. Too many colors, too many different materials, too many patterns… The idea is not to overload the room, so as not to get bored. Avoid, for example, too many different colors on the walls, but beware of a style that is too refined! Do not bet everything on a single point of lighting, vary the light sources: suspension, wall lights, table lamp. Finally, remember not to succumb to the total look!

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