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How To Wash Rayon Clothes

how to wash rayon

For your clothing to last, it is crucial that you wash it correctly. It’s not too difficult to know what to do with common textiles like polyester and even cotton, but this could not be the case if the cloth in question is rayon. Since rayon isn’t used as regularly as other materials, many individuals are unaware of how to effectively treat it when they come into contact with it and always ask can you wash rayon?

 Learning how to wash rayon fabric gently and properly is crucial. Since rayon continues to lose its consistency and strength over time, it isn’t as durable as cotton. It can also shrink and gets deformed if it is regularly soaked in water. Considering rayon has so many wonderful qualities, a number of things are manufactured using it, thus knowing how to wash this fabric will help you keep most of your clothes, linens, and other items clean.

We’ve put up this helpful guide with all the information you need to learn how to wash rayon.

What Is Rayon Fabric

What is rayon? is undoubtedly a prevalent query. Simply put, rayon is classified as a “semi-synthetic” fabric. It is formed of cellulose, just like cotton, but it goes through extensive processing, making it neither natural nor artificial.

How Should I Wash Rayon?

Learning how to wash rayon fabric safely and properly is crucial. Since rayon tends to lose its stability and strength over time, it isn’t as durable as cotton. It can also shrink and get deformed if it is frequently exposed to water.

Being able to wash rayon will help you retain the majority of your clothing, linens, and other belongings because rayon has many uses and excellent qualities.

Use a moderate detergent and cold water when washing rayon to prevent shrinking and color fading. Although hand washing is preferred and advised, rayon can be machine washed on the mild cycle. Avoid drying rayon by machine as it could ruin your cloth. Hot water should not be used as it may damage your cloth. You may iron rayon at medium heat. On a flat surface, dry it.

There are other crucial factors that you should bear in mind. Here are a few of them:

Rayon Washing Instructions:

Knowing the right way to wash rayon fabric is not the only thing that you need to consider to keep or extend its quality. There are other crucial factors that you should bear in mind. Here are a few of them:

rayon washing instructions
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Read Clothing Label

The best advice from professionals is to read the care guidelines or laundry symbols labeling, just as with any other fabric care guidance.

Select The Appropriate Laundry Products

When washing a fabric as delicate as rayon, mild detergents are the best choice. They will shield the cloth from harm and do little to no harm to the color.

Make Use Of Cold Water

For the majority of materials, using cold or cool water is the safest option because hot or warm water can damage the fibers and cause shrinking.

Find Hangers Without Metal Or A Drying Rack

The greatest tool to use to prevent sagging when drying rayon-made items is a drying rack. Use non-metal hangers if you’d rather not use a drying rack or don’t have one.


Remember that rayon fabric is a bit softer when it is wet, so avoid bunching, twisting, or wringing it during washing and drying.

Rayon Washing Procedure: The Right Ways

For cleaning the majority of items made of rayon, dry washing is usually advised. There are now several rayon variants available that you may hand-wash or wash in your washer.

rayon washing procedure
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Fill your sink, bucket, or basin at least 3/4 full with cold or chilly water. Follow the package instructions to add the appropriate amount of detergent. Wash the soap and agitate it till bubbles appear.

  • To completely soak and loosen the soil, carefully spin the item in the sudsy water. Give it at least 15 minutes to soak.
  • You have two alternatives for the rinse phase of the rayon washing process. You can use flowing water or fill up another container with clean, cold, or chilly water.

If you’re going to use a container, all you have to do is hold the fabric by both of its ends and gently dunk it into the water. Then slowly raise it. Repeat this a few times until the water is clear or soap-free. You might even carry out a second rinse with clean water in a different container.

Conversely, unfold the fabric and grasp its two ends. Simply let running water travel through the entire piece of clothing until clear or soap-free water comes out. Make sure to do all sides.

Gently Drain Extra Water

  • Roll up the damp item on a large cotton towel to let it absorb most of the water. The question is can rayon go in the dryer? Well, you should avoid using the washer and dryer with rayon since they lose almost half of their strength when wet and are easily torn or deformed.
  • As it starts to dry, gently pull and shape the garment to return to its original size and shape. Avoid leaving it in a tattered mess. Later, it may be challenging to get rid of creases that have already formed.

Observe Air Drying

Allow the garment to drip dry or air dry flat; ideally, use a padded hanger to prevent the shoulders from stretching or wrinkling.

Storage Of Rayon Clothing

Items made of rayon can be stored by hanging, folding, and laying flat on a shelf. However, avoid using metal hangers for your rayon clothing because rust stains can appear on the items very rapidly.

storage of rayon clothing
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What is the Best Way to Wash Rayon?

The best and safest way to wash rayon is always by hand. Use cold water and a gentle cleaner.

How do you Wash Rayon So it Doesn’t Shrink?

Rayon won’t shrink as much when done by hand, using cold temperature water

Does Rayon Shrink When You Wash It?

The dryer will cause rayon to shrink. This is most likely the reason for any shrinkage you may notice in your rayon fabric. Not only does the dryer cause rayon to shrink, but it also runs the risk of tearing.

Is Rayon A Cheap Material?

Clothing made of rayon, which is a relatively cheap material, is inexpensive and of poor quality.

Can You Iron Rayon?

You can iron rayon, yes. Turn the garment inside out, use a low heat setting, and no steam when ironing rayon.


It’s simpler to wash rayon clothing than it is to wash wool or other delicate textiles. You shouldn’t, however, act carelessly. Never use force, harsh detergents, chlorine-based bleach, stain removers, warm or hot water, or any other cleaning agents. Additionally, tumble or machine drying is not advised.

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