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How To Remove Blood From Sheets

How To Remove Blood From Sheets

Imagine you laid out a fresh, white bedsheet the night before, and when you woke up the following morning, you saw that the bedsheet was covered with bloodstains.

You give yourself a few sharp pinches to know whether you’re having a nightmare. You make the situation much more difficult for yourself by attempting to tidy it. So, what’s the best way to remove blood from sheets?

As soon as possible after discovering blood spots on your sheet, you should soak it in cold water, ideally overnight. The first thing you should do in the morning is applied some hydrogen peroxide to the stain and then clean it with a soft, bristled brush. After that, throw them in the washing machine with some cold water and a light detergent, and they’ll be good as new! You’re good to go.

To help you get your linens looking like new again after a spill, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide on how to clean up blood at home. Please continue reading!

The 7 Easy Ways To Remove Blood From Sheets

When you wake up to find dried blood on your bedsheets, you’ll need to immediately remove the blood stain and prevent it from setting into the fabric of your mattress and sheets.

A couple more hours of sleep won’t make your bedding much whiter or blood out of sheets, so we recommend getting up and starting that procedure immediately. Additionally, there is no need to be concerned since it will not take very long.

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So, if you need to know how to get rid of blood stains, try the methods described here.

1. Changing the Sheets

You have awakened to find that your sheets are stained with period blood; how can you remove period blood from sheets? Save time and start the process of unzipping your sheet. You won’t have to worry about blood stains spreading over your mattress and sheets if you do this.

2. Use Chilled Water

Blood must be washed off as quickly as possible if it is to be removed from a surface. In some instances, cold water is preferable to hot because it prevents blood from coagulating on clothing.

If you see any blood, quickly flush it with cold water. If you wait too long, the stain will be much more stubborn to get rid of.

3. Use a Dab Instead of a Rub

Apply some water to a cloth and dab the discoloured area. Scrubbing may cause a problem since it spreads the stain more.

Dabbing eliminates any surplus blood that may be present. It is important to pat rather than massage the area. Therefore, this is an essential procedure for getting rid of blood stains on the bedding.

4. Absorb It

After giving the sheet a few light sprinkles of water, please place it in a basin of ice-cold water for half an hour.

5. Apply a Powerful Stain Remover

There are many materials found around the home that may be used to remove blood stains. However, it is recommended that you use hydrogen peroxide in combination with water.

An adequate blood stain remover is the solution that is offered in drugstores that contain 3% hydrogen peroxide. Since it is an oxidizing agent, it dissolves in water and oxygen to remove your stain. As a bonus, it works well with colorful and uncolored fabrics alike.

6. Scrubbing by Machine

After allowing the sheet to be submerged in the solution for a full day, please place it in the washer and run it through the regular washing cycle.

7. Dry It Out

The sheet needs to air dry. Put it somewhere where there will be sunlight or a fan blowing on it. You mustn’t use a dryer. An appliance like a dryer has the potential to exacerbate discoloration. Instead, use a different stain remover to remove the stain or blood from sheets if the first one doesn’t work.

Simple Methods for Removing Dried Blood from Cloths

You may have handled the situation with composure had the stain been recent. However, how can dried blood be removed from clothing?

If you want to get rid of dried blood stains, follow these steps:

  • You have to let the sheet sit overnight in a container of cold water. The following stages will be less complicated since the dried blood will be less of a barrier.
  • Afterward, pour hydrogen peroxide over the bloodstain since this is the most effective method for removing blood from sheets.
  • If you want to rub it dry, use a gentle brush. After waiting 10 minutes, blot the discoloration with a towel.
  • Next, get the sheet clean with a regular machine wash. Finally, hang up your sheet to dry.
  • You won’t be able to remove the stain in a single attempt.
  • Never fear. Any products listed below will get rid of those stains right back.

Methods for Removing Blood from Various Bedding Materials

Here, you’ll find the answers to your questions on removing blood from various bedding types.

1) Cotton Sheets

A paste made of baking sodium bicarbonate and water may remove blood stains from cotton sheets. Combine the two into a paste and spread it across the sheets. Then, after a few minutes, wipe it off gently. Lastly, remember that cold water is OK for your linens while washing them off.

2) Linen Sheets

The most accessible approach to removing blood stains from linen sheets is first to soak the sheets in white vinegar and then rinse them sheets well. To begin, apply some white vinegar to the area in question and work it in a circular motion. After that, you should remove it with ice water.

3) Bamboo Sheets

After removing the sheets from the mattress, soak them in a solution of mild detergent and cold water for at least a few hours or overnight. Most stains on linens may be removed in this manner. Bloodstains may be removed with white vinegar by rubbing it on the color and then washing the area.

4) Microfiber Fabric

You should use a gentle detergent when washing your microfiber bedding. However, it would be best if you didn’t use any bleach. However, white vinegar may be used to remove the stain if blood is still visible after washing.

8 Great Products Can Get Rid of Blood Stains

These everyday home things are surprisingly effective at removing blood from white linens and are easy to come by.

1. Freezing Water

In some instances, cold water is preferable to hot because it prevents blood from soaking into the cloth. If you see any blood, quickly flush it with cold water. Cleaning blood out of bedding will be a more significant challenge the longer you wait.

2. Enzyme Wash

A cold water soak followed by an enzyme cleaning should help lessen the stain on the discolored sheet. When you’re done, throw the bed sheet in the washer with the rest of your dirty clothes.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide or Lemon Juice

Enzyme cleaners and cold water have difficulty removing old, set-in stains. In such a scenario, you may rely on lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide to save the day.

It is preferable if the sheet is made of a light-colored material. You should test the mixture on a tiny area of the dark sheets to see whether the color changes. In such a case, you should continue with the lemon juice.

4. Salt

Take a bucket of ice water and sprinkle some salt into it. If you want to remove the stain from the sheet, soak it in water for three hours. If you leave your sheet on for over three hours, wash it in cold water.

5. Baking Powder or Cornstarch

Do you think about removing blood stains from sheets with baking soda? Cornstarch and baking soda are two tried-and-true methods for eliminating blood stains from bed linens.

To use this technique, you will need to produce a paste of either cornstarch or baking soda. The paste may then be applied to the stain and cured naturally in the sun. When dry, brush off the remaining substance. Do it again and see if it helps.

6. Vinegar

By removing blood from sheets with vinegar, you probably already have everything you need. You may use hydrogen peroxide if you don’t have any vinegar on hand. It may be removed with cold water and a light detergent after being rubbed on the stain.

7. Meat Tenderizer

Although it may seem strange, a meat tenderizer can effectively remove blood stains from bed linens. To begin, locate a bottle of meat tenderizer that does not include salt and apply a small amount of it to the discoloration. The next step is to make a paste out of water. Give it 30 minutes to sit. After that, wash it all down with cold water.

8. Cola

Despite its somewhat outlandish nature, this method is effective. This is one of the most effective methods for getting rid of blood stains. The sheet must be soaked for a few hours in cola, then washed in cold water with a bit of detergent.

After a long day, there is nothing better than collapsing upon freshly laundered sheets. Use everything you’ve learned about eliminating stains to make your bedding spotless.


What is the fastest way to remove old blood stains?

Get out of the hydrogen peroxide! A drop or two of hydrogen peroxide applied straight to the stain can quickly remove the red blood stain.

Reapply as necessary on old or persistent stains. After the stain has been cleared, you should give the area the last rinse with cold water to eliminate any residual peroxide that may be present.

Can vinegar and baking soda remove blood stains?

How do you remove blood stains from sheets with baking soda? It’s excellent that natural materials may be used to clear blood stains. Various household items may serve this purpose, including vinegar to remove blood from sheets with vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice.

Can toothpaste remove blood stains?

To remove a blood stain, you can try rubbing toothpaste into the spot and leaving it for an hour, but a solution of water and laundry detergent will work much better.

Does salt water clean blood stains?

Occasionally, you are away from home, and soap and laundry detergent will not help remove blood stains. For this reason, saline or salt water can be helpful in a pinch.

In addition, if you have any leftover blood on your clothes after your period ends, you can easily remove the stain with salt and cold water.


As you can see, there are a few different ways to remove blood sheets. It all depends on what you have available and your time. You can use any of the way to remove blood from sheets.

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