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How To Hang Towels In Bathroom

How To Hang Towels In Bathroom

Are you tired of having to fold and store your towels every day, only to find them in a tangled mess every time you get into the shower? Are you searching for how to hang towels in bathroom? We all know how frustrating this can be when it’s time to step into the shower after a long day! However, hanging towels in bathroom spaces can be simple.

Bathrooms are the one room in your home that requires the most attention and care. Even the most minor detail matters here, and how you organize your bathroom can make a huge difference.

Hanging towels in the bathroom are easy to declutter, and you can easily access the towel without bending or stretching. You also get a neat effect that will add a beautiful look to your bathroom.

However, there are some tips you should know before hanging towels in your bathroom.

Tips for Hanging Towels in Bathroom

Towels may be hung in a variety of ways, from a standard wall hanger to one of several forms of decorative towel bars or rings. If you take these hanging towel ideas into consideration for folding and placing your towels, your bathroom will always look tidy, and your towels will be ready whenever you need them.

1. Have a Wall Mounted Towel Ring

This is very common. You use a towel ring on top of the bathtub or shower. It is one of the easiest methods of hanging up the towel, and there are various styles and sizes. This will be the best choice if you want a simple and straightforward setup with a low profile.

Have a Wall Mounted Towel Ring
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This towel ring can be placed on your bathroom wall to easily and quickly hang towels. Different types of towel rings are available to fit all bathroom sizes. Using a ring that will not obstruct your toilet will be an excellent choice.

You can hang them with clothes pins, which can easily be removed when needed. If you don’t have a bathroom wall, you can even hang these towel rings using the hooks of your existing towel rod.

The best thing about this towel ring is that it is incredibly cheap and doesn’t cost much. So it would be a great option for someone who is looking for something affordable but still functional.

2. Tie Clips and Wall Hooks

If you want to hang towels on your bathroom wall, invest in one of the many wall hooks or tie clips available today. Tie clips and wall hooks are perfect because they allow you to hang your towel without hassle.

All you have to do is attach the towel to the clip or hook, and then you are good to go. Some people may ask why you would want to use wall hooks instead of regular ones, but the fact is that they look much better than standard hooks.

Plus, you can get them in a variety of colors and patterns that will suit your bathroom perfectly. Some of the best options include a tie clip with a bathtub design, wall hooks with a tropical theme, or a towel holder with a beach sand structure.

Tie Clips and Wall Hooks
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In addition, if you prefer clip-on hooks to wall-mounted ones, you will undoubtedly love these clip-on bathroom towel rings. They allow you to remove and put these towel rings up and down quickly, and you can also move them around if you wish.

This is an easy and effective way to hang your towels, and it is one of the cheapest ways to do so. These are some of the easiest and quickest options out there. There are many different places to purchase these.

For example, you can buy them online and deliver them directly to your door. Some tie clips and hooks come with towel rings, and you need to clip them to the rings. Other towel rings can be purchased separately if you need extra storage or additional rings.

Not only this, these can be used for more than just towels. You can also hang jewelry, hats, and scarves on them.

3. Double Up On the Towels

To create a more refined atmosphere in your spare bathroom or for special occasions, it is recommended that you use two towels. You might go for a classic, sophisticated appearance with a matching towel set, or you can have some fun by combining towels of different colors and designs.

Double Up On the Towels
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After folding the hand towel in any way mentioned earlier, pass it around the towel ring. Use the same folding technique to fold a washcloth. Next, twist it through the hoop and stack it on the hand towel. A fancy or embroidered wash towel would complement this setup well.

There are two choices available when it comes to towel bars. First, rolled hand towels may be hung over the ends of the bath towels upon that towel bar, allowing the more attractive look of the hand towel to be seen.

Place your hand towels from a shorter towel bar that really is designated for hand towels alone; next, stack your folded bath towels on top of the hand towels.

This will give a more excellent look to your guest bathroom and reflect your attention to detail.

hanging towels in bathroom
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you Hang Towels in a Small Bathroom?

To keep your bathroom fresh and clutter-free, hang only hand towels in a small bathroom. Hand towels should always be placed at the end of a bathroom counter or wall. Use a hook on the wall for a smaller bathroom instead of putting your hand towels on the countertop. The wall hook will give your bathroom a cleaner appearance and keep you from having to clean up after yourself every day.

Do Towels Dry Better on Hooks or Bars?

Hand towels will dry better on a hanging bar than on a hook. In fact, most hotels place their hand towels on a hangar. This ensures that your towels will not get too wrinkled, especially since the bathroom is a steamy place, to begin with.

What can I use instead of a Towel Bar?

You can use a simple bathroom rod instead of a towel bar for less money. The same rules apply. Just make sure that it only takes up a little space. It all depends on what you have available. If you have extra room, a small towel rail will also look nice if hung above your bathroom sink.

Is it Better to Store Towels Rolled or Folded?

As a general rule, towels are hung with their creases facing out, so roll towels. But if you have several of one types of towel, folding can be a nice way to store them all.

How to Display Towels in Bathroom?

Creativity is key in this room, as you can mix your hand towels, bath towels, and washcloths while having a clean-looking sink. A great way to make use of space in this area is to stack your towels in a semi-circle shape.

Next, place small towels around the edge of the vanity. This allows you to have a lot of towels with less floor space while still having enough to keep you and your guests warm.

How to Fold Bathroom Towels to Hang?

The third-fold method is recommended if you need clarification about how to fold towels for hanging. Get started by spreading out your towel. If you fold the towel so that the short ends meet in the center, you can hang it over a bar without wrinkling. The hand towel should be hung above the bath towel when both are being hung.


Hanging towels in bathroom is not rocket science but requires good planning and organizing. Keep the bathroom looking good by ensuring that towels are appropriately stored. Then, make sure you follow the above tips and get rid of those messy towels.

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