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How to Decorate & Style Your Nightstand

how to decorate nightstands

There are no second thoughts about nightstand decor being an essential part of home decor. Whenever you think about renovating your room, you can’t just ignore one part of it and place all the emphasis on the other. You must know the vitality of every corner present in your room. The same goes for the nightstand.

We have mentioned some ideas you can think of in case you don’t know how you can decorate your nightstand to make it look like a professional’s design. Have a look and find out what options are here for you to experiment with your nightstand.

1) Focus on the Height and Style

For night stand decor, most of the time, bedside tables should be the same height as your mattress. Anything except this general rule would seem weird and make everything inconvenient for you to reach the things you want near your bed.

While talking about the depth, you don`t need anything more than 24 inches. Anything more extensive than that can make it uneasy about getting in and out of bed. Moving towards the style of your bed, in case you are a minimalist, you would prefer something simple and traditional, nothing fancier. An artistic painting would work fine.

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2) Stay Close to your Loved Ones

It has been observed that most people would love to keep their loved ones’ pictures and other memories close on their nightstands. It seems wholesome and pleasant to do it as you can see those things and get a nostalgic feel that can’t be traded, but before you think about doing it, there is a tip that would help you do it the best way. Keep in mind that if you don’t have a table lamp and a medium to small nightstand, you can keep a more oversized frame close to you. A simple small vase can also be added with some greenery.

3) Turning the Spot Light On for It

You can style nightstand by placing a lamp or two near it, so choosing the suitable light can help with the overall look of your bedroom. Your lamp can act as highlighted part in your composition, with a few other accessories to give it a finishing look. A wall sconce might be better if you work with a smaller surface.

4) Three’s Company Nightstand

Another unique nightstand decor ideas that can be applied is to stick up to three items maximum in a matching color palette. One of those is usually a lamp, so make sure that the height and material vary. One of the items has a pattern for that hint of visual interest would also be an interesting choice, so maybe you can try that as well.

5) Add a Piece of Art

Still, wondering what to put on the nightstand? No worries, if you are more into classic vibes, adding some art would be a great idea that will amplify your room’s beauty. It can be suitable for adding extra character to your bedside table. You can ground your nightstand with a big picture at the back or hang it above in the middle. To keep it systematic with your overall bedroom feel, choose some accent shades in your wall art taken from your bedroom color scheme, which would seem fantastic.

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6) Keep a Scented Cadle

Refreshing fragrances are a way to go, and nobody can deny that. Lighting a candle before bed is one of the finest ways to soothe your sense and let the day’s anxiety and stress melt away. Under the soft light of the flickering flame and the light-hearted scent, candles create a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom. Don’t forget to put them out before falling asleep! Unlimited candles are available, but some are more sleep-friendly than others, like jasmine, lavender, sandalwood, chamomile, and rose.

7) Keep it Vibrant and Close to Nature

Nightstand styling can never go wrong with greenery and vibrant choices. And what would be better to add some texture and keep things refreshed than throwing in some seasonal flowers? Here living plants are a fantastic way to bring nature inside your home and feel more linked with the outside world.

8) Placing a Small Clock for Style

If you are a sucker for traditional and classical habits, putting an alarm clock next to the nightstand is a good idea as it is healthy and gives you a peaceful vibe by saving you from an unhealthy sleeping pattern. Usually, people who put their phones next to the tables check them whenever they wake up from half of their sleep.

It is best to keep your phone away from you or switch it off, and you can use an alarm clock that will let you have a contented sleep without disturbing you. You can choose the alarm clock according to the room’s color scheme or the color of the walls, so it doesn’t look out of order.

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Nightstand Decor – FAQs 

How do I Style my Nightstand?

Many things can be done in this regard, like adding a small clock for minimal decor or arranging books or other smaller items to give a dissimilar touch across the surface for visual interest.

How do you Style a Bedside Table without a Lamp?

You can replace the table lamp with something of equal height. It can be a plant, a large vase of flowers, or a vase.

Do I need a Lamp on both Nightstands?

Usually, you only require one nightstand lamp in case you’re the only one sleeping in the room and two if you have a partner. If the bedroom is enormous, two lamps will work fine. It doesn’t matter then whether you are using the room or not. 

What do you Put on a Nightstand?

They support items that might be useful during the night, including a table lamp, tissue, a drink, book, reading matter, cell phone, eyeglasses, or medication.

How do you Style an Open Nightstand?

For an open nightstand, you can place a stack of your favorite books or magazines or a basket with a throw on the bottom shelf.

Final Words

All those people who need some ways they can apply when it comes to home decor would probably find the above-suggested points helpful. Choose your preferred decorating style and make the most out of these tips. We hope you will love the outcome and will be kind enough to share it with us. Share your views with us if you have any other ideas to add to the list. Go for your favorite style and home decor with your nightstand, and don’t forget to share your experience with us.