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Diy Wreath Ideas For Autumn And Winter


Colorful, decorative wreaths are a good antidote to the grey season. Let us show you how to make your own DIY wreaths.

How Do I Tie A DIY Wreath?

Whether an Advent wreath, autumn wreath, winter wreath, or door wreath – they are always a real eye-catcher. And they can be used in many different ways. After you have decided whether your DIY wreath should hang or stand and how it should look, you follow the same steps.

First, get all the materials ready, then start with one side and tie the decoration to the wreath with wire. Depending on the type of wreath you like, always place the decorations slightly offset so that the wire is not visible. Or should it be visible, as with the DIY metal wreath? Here it’s part of the style.

You can read how to do it in detail in the instructions further down in the text.

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Different Wreath Blanks

1. Straw Blank

One of the most popular blanks is made of straw. Straws are tied into a tight ring. As it consists of individual straws, it remains easily movable after being tied. Straw blanks are very flexible and can be easily reused.

2. Polystyrene Or Styrofoam Rings

Rings made of plastic are similarly light as wreaths made of straw but stronger. Needles, for example, can easily be inserted into the plastic ring. Polystyrene wreaths are usually white and are therefore less suitable for wreaths where the whole surface is not covered with decoration.

3. Metal Ring

Narrow metal rings are currently in fashion. They are not completely wreathed but covered with one or more small bouquets. This makes them ideal as wall or window decorations.

DIY Metallring wrath

Tie Your Own Advent Wreath

  1. Attach evergreen fir, pine, or spruce branches to your blank with the green florist’s wire. There are no limits to the choice of branches. Just decide which kind you like best. Tie the branches tightly so that nothing slips.
  2. Use mock cypress, juniper, eucalyptus, or boxwood as decorative highlights. This will add natural color and make your wreath look fuller. Cut individual branches to the right length with garden shears and remove all protruding branches. Then tie them to the other branches with wire.
  3. Once all the branches are in place, you can add other Christmas decorative elements. Ribbons, cinnamon sticks, pine cones, orange slices, tree decorations, or anything else you associate with the Advent season will look great on your Advent wreath.
  4. The candles are the crowning touch. It is best to use fireproof candle holders and self-extinguishing candles. Again, your individual taste decides whether you prefer red, white, or colorful candles on your Advent wreath.

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DIY Metal Wreath Tying

If you prefer to create a special DIY metal wreath with an autumnal or wintry look, then proceed in the same way in the preparation. Choose the decoration you like here too. How about dried flowers, for example?

When you wrap the metal wreath, you proceed a little differently than with the classic wreath:

  1. If you are working with dried flowers, first put together the plants you like. Then tie them together into a tight, small bouquet. Tie several small bouquets so that you can tie them to the blank as you would for an Advent wreath.
  2. Tie the bouquets to the wreath with wire or a nice ribbon. Make sure that all the decorative elements are well attached to the blank. Tie a nylon string to the ring to attach it to your door or window.