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Best DIY Headboards for a Bed to make your own

DIY headboard design

Headboards for a bed: How To Make It?

To have a nice headboard in the bedroom, a hundred euros is necessary if you buy it in the shops. But doing it by hand is much more profitable (about 60 euros). You will be able to let your imagination run wild to get fully customized headboards for beds.

To build it, plan on two hours of work. As for the material, it depends on the desired result. The basics of construction are always the same. First, get a wooden board slightly larger than your bed and buy the necessary to paint it. For comfortable headboards for a bed, you need absorbent cotton and fabric (order according to the size of the board) and some decorative elements, such as buttons, nails, tassels, etc.

Headboard: Dare To Be Original

The headboard is to your bedroom what the necklace is to your neck! It is above all an accessory whose purpose is to embellish and personalize your bedroom. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to the raw material that will make up your headboard. For a natural look, choose pallets, shutters, or shells. For a more romantic look, opt for a canopy bed and add fine garlands. Looking for color? Wallpaper is ideal. If you need to optimize your space, a headboard made with storage boxes will be perfect! And for a decoration that is definitely out of the ordinary, books or rugs will be privileged allies!

Headboard: Put Some Color!

If you want to structure your night space with a headboard, put some color. Choose a lighter or darker shade to contrast with the rest of the wall. Dare to use more dynamic colors with wallpaper, for example. Want to decorate with movement? Paint arcs are trendy as well as have graphic patterns. You can also choose to divide the wall in two: the upper part will be painted in one color. The other will be painted in another shade.

Ideas For Headboards DIY

1. A Padded Headboard


The board should extend 5cm on each side of the bed. Unroll absorbent cotton on the structure. Let it protrude about fifteen centimeters on each side. Turn it back on itself to have two superposed On the upper part, fold 4 layers. The lower part will be against the mattress and does not need to be as soft.

2. An Upholstered Headboard


Staple it to the front of the wooden board. Staple the excess to the back. Cover the board with the fabric of your choice. The excess will be used to attach it to the back of the board with the stapler. Using a ruler, mark the nail locations at equal distances from each other to make them easier to drive. On the back of the headboard, attach a cleat. On the wall, mark a level to install the fastening system and then place your headboard.

3. Paint

headboard paint

Contrast the white wall of your room by using a dark shade like dark blue to structure the night space and create headboards for a bed.

4. Offbeat Wood

headboard wood

To create a playful, offbeat headboard, use wood planks of various sizes and assemble them.

5. Window

headboard window

Recover or find an old window to make a headboard after giving it a little clean.

6. Macrame


Create a macrame headboard for a cocooning bedroom with a bohemian spirit

7. Flat Rugs

brown flatrug

The rugs invite themselves on the walls and allow to create an original and bohemian headboard.

8. Books

headboard with shelves

Collect old books and use them to make a 100% original headboard

9. Bed Canopy


Use a romantic bed canopy to create a headboard in the bedroom. It surrounds the sleeping area and makes it stand out.

10. A Pallet Headboard

yellow pallet

Paint the pallet in the color you want. You can also simply varnish it. Wrap a few strings of lights around it.

11. Wooden Headboard


Provide yourself with wooden boards, nail them to the wall to form the headboard. A can of paint will be enough to finish the decoration.

12. A Wallpaper Headboard

wallpaper headboard

Glue a nice wallpaper on a wooden board bigger than the bed.

13. An Upholstered Headboard


Staple it to the front of the wooden board. Staple the excess to the back. Cover the board with the fabric of your choice. The excess will be used to attach it to the back of the board with the stapler. Using a ruler, mark the nail locations at equal distances from each other to make them easier to drive. On the back of the headboard, attach a cleat. On the wall, draw a level to install the fastening system and place your headboards for a bed.

14. A Very Theatrical Headboard

theatrical headboard

A golden frame will give your bedroom a very theatrical look

15. An OSB Headboard headboard14

And why not a headboard in OSB.

16. A Wooden Headboard

wooden headboard

Using tape, draw a geometric shape on your wooden board. Paint the color of your choice around this shape. Let it dry before removing the tapes.

17. A Seashell Headboard

seashell headboard

Get a piece of driftwood, string, and shells. The DIY is simple: make “garlands” of shells that you will attach to the driftwood.

18. With a Shelf


The shelf above the bed acts as a headboard.

19. Cushions


Atypical, this headboard is made DIY with cushions.

20. Hanging


A hanging allows you to create an original headboard.

Storage Or Decoration Accessory, The Headboard Seduces The Big Sleepers. Zoom In On 60 DIY Models To Reproduce At Home.

To give character to the room, we opt for an original headboard. For this, why not make it yourself by reusing accessories and objects? Inwood, fabric, metal, with paint or masking tape, creating a headboard is child’s play!

What Size Headboard Should I Make?

When you make headboards for a bed yourself, you have to choose the size. There are several criteria to consider. First, consider the size of your bed and the height of your bed, including the box spring. You can choose a standard width, no wider than the size of the mattress. This allows you to delimit the spaces. But to structure the night space by inserting the bedside tables, it is preferable to opt for a larger headboard of 5 to 10 cm wide on each side of the bed.

An Original Headboard With DIY!

Beyond the aesthetic aspect, the headboard is essential if you want more comfort and to distance yourself a little from the wall against which the bed in question is! If there are headboards at very affordable prices, others can reach several hundred euros! So, to have the headboard of your dreams, why not resort to DIY (do it yourself), in other words, to make it yourself? There is a multitude of possibilities to make the one that will meet your expectations! Do you doubt it?

Where To Find Inspiration For A DIY Headboard?

Use your creativity to create a unique headboard that will add character to your room. For example, you can use pallets, wine crates, or a beautiful wooden board that you will paint (or not, for a raw look!). Add some garlands of lights for a cocooning side! If you’re a handyman, create an original headboard with logs, slats, or even open books for a breathtaking result!

DIY: A Colorful Headboard

If you don’t want to take too many risks, opt for color. This will serve to delineate the sleeping area and thus bring depth to the room. For example, you can paint a section of the wall in light but colorful tones, such as pastel pink, almond green, or duck blue… And why not succumb to the wallpaper trend? Graphic, geometric, and panoramic… wallpapers are used to delineate the space and bring dynamism and character!

DIY: A Natural Headboard

Because natural materials are popular in recent years, they also invite themselves to our headboards. In wicker, cane style, or wood in its raw state, natural materials give warmth to this room. Associated with wooden furniture, the natural headboards can be left in their juice or painted to give pep to the room!

Original Headboards: Long Live Salvage!

Fans of flea markets and DIY will agree with the editors: salvage is magic! Indeed, by browsing directly in second-hand sales or on specialized websites, you can find the nugget that will serve as headboards for a bed. If you can do a little renovation, its aged side will give all its charm to the room. Thus, you can end up with an old mirror or picture frame, old windows, the back of a bench, or even shutters as headboards. In terms of originality, who can beat that?

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