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How Much Does Bath Fitter Costs?

how much does bath fitter costs

A Bath Fitter tub liner is the answer if you need to update your bathroom quickly, but knowing the bath fitting cost is important. This name originates from the very first iteration of the Bath Fitter organization, which offered an expedited upgrading technique that many individuals today have used. Consider the following to determine how much a bath liner will set you back.

If you’re curious about how much a bath fitter will cost, you’ve come to the correct spot. Keep reading to get the details on how much a Bath Fitter liner costs, what components go into making it, and the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing one. Options will be discussed as well. So let’s get down to business and cover a lot of ground.

What is the Cost of a Bath Fitter?

It will cost you around $3000 to hire a Bath Fitter to do the work in your bathroom. Depending on the conditions, the bath fitting cost is about $1,000 to $10,090. If your requirements are minimal, then the bath fitters cost average should pay a minimum of $1,000.

The final price of a liner from bathroom fitters cost depends on a few different elements. Next, we’ll discuss them so you can get a more accurate estimate of how much money you’ll need for your renovations. It will take a little while since the tub doesn’t need to be removed. The only price is of interest at this time.

How Much Does Bath Fitters Cost?

An in-home installation of a Bath Fitter liner might vary in price depending on three main factors. Therefore, it’s essential to weigh all of these factors before deciding whether or not to put a bathtub liner into your budget.

Here are the three expenses to think about:

  • Bath Fitter installation fees
  • The total price of materials needed to do the renovation
  • Adding the price of labor and any necessary replacement parts

The total of all these factors is your Bath Fitter’s bill. To evaluate your bathroom, let’s examine each of these parts in detail. Depending on the extent of the changes you want, you may need to set aside a small or sizable sum of money. Whether or not this luxurious new bath cover is worth it depends entirely on you.

bath fitter expenses
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1. Labor Expenses

Considerable thought must be given to the labor and material costs when estimating the final cost of a bathtub liner. Payment for a Bath Fitter is determined by how lengthy and difficult it is to install the device in the customer’s bathroom. However, the average cost is $1,000 to $10,000.

The cost to have a tub liner installed might vary widely. You may expect to pay more for a high-end Bath Fitter than a less-skilled bath liner. Buying a more-priced product of higher quality that lasts longer and performs better is the best option.

2. Material Expenses

Your Bath Fitter cost may also be affected by the price of the materials you use. Tub liners come in a wide variety of materials and styles. The following are just a few of the most often-used materials for bathtub liners:

  • Acrylic
  • Liners made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) vinyl.
  • Fiberglass
  • Marble

Tub liners made from these materials will last a long time and look great. Your least expensive alternative is Vinyl liners made of acrylic or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). 

Marble is the most elegant material, but it may cost you more than $3,500 to install it on your bathtub’s surface. In addition, the cost of a new bath liner will increase the proportion to the quality of the material used to create it.

3. Miscellaneous Expenses

Hiring a Bath Fitter may be affected by more than just the price of labor and supplies. Add these to your Bath Fitter installation procedure if you want any optional enhancements.

Other factors that might affect how much a bath liner costs are:

  • Selection of Bathtub Liner Colors.
  • Add-ons to the Bath Fitter substance.
  • Replacement of supplementary pipework following a bath liner installation.
  • Added features, such as shelves or other accents.
  • Possible mold growth and other problems in tub cracks.
  • It doesn’t matter whether your tub is little or as big as a jacuzzi; size issues when it comes to soaking.

The final price for a Bath Fitter costs installation increases in proportion to the job’s complexity.

Calculate the total price of a tub liner by combining the liner’s cost with the installation price. The next step is to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of buying a Bath Fitter. Again, considering the advantages and disadvantages before making a financial commitment is essential.

Bath Fitter Advantages and Disadvantages

Before committing to a Bath Fitter, one must weigh the benefits and drawbacks of using one. These will guide your decision on whether or not to purchase a bath liner.

Bath Fitter Advantages and Disadvantages
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Bath Fitter Advantages

  • Due to its durability and resistance to damage, this material may replace your standard tub for many years.
  • They won’t slide, making showers and bathtubs safer for those with compromised balance.
  • They are easier to maintain than more conventional alternatives.
  • Due to the absence of gaps in which mold might form, expert installation dramatically reduces the likelihood of mold growth.
  • Quicker than most replacements, they may be up and running within 48 hours.
  • They are antimicrobial and will prevent harmful bacteria and mold from growing in your tub over time.
  • These factors may influence a person to hire a Bath Fitter instead of repairing or replacing their current bathtub.

Bath Fitter Disadvantages

  • If not done correctly, growth and damage might occur in the seams.
  • Using a skilled Bath Fitter and high-priced materials will increase the project’s cost.
  • A bath liner may make your tub seem smaller because of the extra layer it adds.
  • Some people may hesitate to hire a Bath Fitter because of the abovementioned issues.

The high cost is the major downside of using Bath Fitters. To ensure a successful installation, it’s best to hire a professional, although this will add to the overall cost. 

First, you should determine whether hiring a bath fitter is possible within your financial plan. Spending a little extra on a high-quality Bath Fitter tub liner is preferable to save a few dollars on a low-quality alternative.

What is an Alternative to Bath Fitter?

Tub liners are somewhat of a novelty, with few people considering them before. Spending money on a Bath Fitter means you won’t have to replace your tub entirely but only line it with a watertight material. 

You are improving the aesthetics and ease of cleaning the area. It may be used in various situations and is usually less expensive than conventional choices.

Alternative to Bath Fitter
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Not everyone is keen on a bath liner, but here are two common options if that’s the case:

  • Tub Replacement

You may get a new tub and update the appearance of your bathroom all at once.

  • Tub Repairs

You might repair the tub rather than install a liner. Depending on the severity of the damage, fixing your bathtub might be rather pricey. A lot of the rifts keep coming back.

If hiring professional bath fitters is out of your price range, they may be a good alternative.

Depending on the scope of the necessary work, replacing or remodeling may be more costly. Since the tub must be removed along with the flooring, this process is equally time-consuming. You can make a tremendous impact with a bath liner, but you won’t have to remove anything or sacrifice your bathroom’s convenience.

Should You Seek the Services of a Bath Fitter?

Ask yourself whether hiring a Bath Fitter is something you need or if it’s just extra money you don’t need to spend for the bath fitting cost. The benefits and drawbacks of hiring a bath fitter have been discussed. Choosing a bath liner involves several factors.

Most people will find that the investment in a Bath Fitter liner for their tub was well spent. A Bath Fitter can improve the longevity and aesthetics of your bathroom, but this service may be rather pricey. Compared to a standard bathtub replacement, this process often takes no more than two days.

Investing in a Bath Fitter is good if you have the means. However, if you’re looking to renovate your bathroom in a cost-effective and long-lasting way, this method is gaining in popularity and is worth another look.

Factors Average Cost
Labor Expenses$1,000 to $10,000
Material Expenses$3,500
Selection of Bathtub Liner Colors$2,000
Add-ons to the Bath Fitter substance$1,000 to $10,000
Added features, such as Shelves or other Accents$180 to $300

FAQs On Bath Fitting Cost

Why is bath fitters so expensive?

Bath Fitters are expensive because they use high-quality materials to construct bathtub liners.

What is the average cost of a Bath Fitter tub with surround?

The cost of hiring a bath fitter and materials and labor costs may easily exceed $9,000. Price factors include the quality of the materials used, the size of the bathtub, and the kind of finishes you choose. Changing out your tub or shower is around half the price when you hire Bath Fitter.

Does mold grow under Bath Fitter?

Damp conditions are required for mold to flourish. Their innovative Bath Fitter system sealed the region below the surface and made it waterproof. Therefore, there will be no fungal growth. We guarantee this by first removing the old tub and wall and giving them a thorough cleaning and disinfection.

Does bath fitters do the whole bathroom?

Bath Fitter only undertakes some bathroom renovations. Still, they provide various services, such as updating your bathroom’s ceiling and walls and installing accessories like shower doors, towel bars, trims, and molding.

How long does Bath Fitter last?

If you purchase a bathtub or shower liner from Bath Fitter, as bath fitters’ price range is expensive, they will stand behind it for as long as you own your property. Their items are made to last, and if there is ever an issue, we will do everything it takes to make it right. 

Does Bath Fitter go over tile?

The Bath Fitter acrylic liner is put directly over the existing tiling daily and resembles a brand-new tub without demolition. Bath Fitter makes renovating the same high quality much less complicated and time-consuming.

Does Bath Fitter go over fiberglass?

No fittings can be done over molded fiberglass by Bath Fitters. So, for instance, swapping out a tub of such style is necessary.

What material does Bath Fitter use?

Acrylic is one of the finest materials available, and they exclusively use it at Bath fitter. Acrylic is a strong thermoplastic that may be used as a more portable and less fragile alternative to glass.

Can Bath Fitter change tub to shower?

Transitioning from the bathtub to the shower doesn’t have to be time-consuming. The skilled technicians at Bath Fitter will install your new shower in no time and tidy up as if they were leaving their own house. However, the price of a bath fitter cost for shower will depend on different factors.

Bath Fitting Cost: Conclusion

If you’re considering a bathroom renovation, research your options and get estimates from several companies for the bath fitting cost. Bath Fitter is one option, but it’s important to know what you’re getting into before making a decision.

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