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Barn Door For Bathroom – Ultimate Guide

barn door for bathroom

Many different kinds of interiors, like barn door for bathroom ideas, attract people due to their blend of comfortable wood, rustic materials, and supporting designs. Although barn doors are a beautiful addition to any space, they take on a new level of elegance in the bathroom.

Depending on your finish, a bathroom barn door may also serve as a striking design element. The wood’s inherent warmth and beautiful textures are brought out by a transparent stain, making it an ideal focal point in a washroom with a neutral color scheme.

Bathroom Barn Door Styles

1. Tracked Barn Door

Sliding barn doors may provide rustic charm while separating a bedroom from an adjacent bathroom. You may also include additional pieces in your bathroom with a similar rustic casualness, such as a headboard made from salvaged wood or a counter with a live edge.

2. Single Barn Door on Bathroom that Slides

Several variants of barn doors that can be slid open and closed are available for use as bathroom entrances. The rich brown door stands out against the otherwise white bathroom. With the sliding door closed, the room becomes a cozy, contained space.

3. Wooden Barn Door with a Stain

Since each space has its own identity, the choices for interior decoration are almost limitless. For example, a barn door bathroom vanity can be an attractive focal point in a bathroom, opening up a conversation with the rest of the design.

Wooden Barn Door with a Stain
Photo Credit: Canva

4. Windowed Sliding Barn Door

It is possible to paint the door to coordinate with the bathroom’s décor, floor, or other features. In addition, you may put your stamp on the modern barn door for the bathroom by making specific changes.

5. Gray Barn Door Made of Wood

For a more rustic vibe in the bathroom, consider installing barn doors. The wood’s raw beauty is now on display in the bathroom. Its natural stone details and airy but welcoming atmosphere complete the space.

6. Retractable Z-brace Barn Door

In larger bathrooms, a sliding barn door for bathroom privacy that has double Z-brace panels is a common choice for the door. When two barn doors are used, the paneling is a must-have.

7. Vertical Barn Door

It’s a common misconception that barn doors may only be used in homes with a country or agricultural theme. The bathroom’s barn door is just one example of how the style’s signature simplicity defines the space without obscuring it.

8. Dual Master Bath Door

It is essential to preserve the cohesion of the space by concentrating on aspects such as the ground, furnishings, and light fixtures to avoid having a set of barn doors seem out of place if there are no other pieces that match or coordinate with it.

Dual Master Bath Door
Photo Credit: Canva

9. Old Fashioned Wooden Sliding Door

Any old barn door may be transformed into something fresh and new with a coat of paint. However, a few identifying features remain. A colored barn door still has a barn door at its heart, but it has been given a unique design to complement your bedroom or bathroom furnishings.

10. Sliding Barn Door 

The barn door that separates this room from the neighboring bathroom looks great in the same shade of grey as the walls. The wood’s innate charm and warmth may still be felt in the shape of an accent wall, even if the exposed wood has been painted over.

11. Reflective Barn Door that Slides

Another instance of a barn door that has been modified to retain its rustic allure. A big sliding barn door conceals a walk-in closet in this bathroom.

12. Sliding Mirror Barn Door Made of Wood

The sturdy barn door is big enough to include a mirror. The door adds rustic charm, and the mirror gives the impression of more space.

13. Consistent Sliding Door

There is no need for the barn door to function as the primary center of interest in the space. This architectural choice, where the entrance blends in with the walls, is both clever and functional. Wooden walls and ceilings coordinate well.

14. Contemporary Sliding Barn Door

The exposed brick gives the space a rustic but industrial look. Other rustic touches like the hardwood floor and sliding barn door add to the homey atmosphere.

15. Two Piece Barn Door Rail

This Colonial-style, two-piece sliding door rail may also be utilized for an internal barn door. You’ll need the proper barn door hardware, so get some up.

16. Barn Doors that Slide Horizontally into Each Other

Typically, a barn door design includes a diagonally placed wooden board and a two-layer frame to give the entrance a unique aspect.

17. Traditional Front Porch with Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding barn doors may be used for many different purposes. It also works well an inside a bathroom for a particular place or at the bathroom door. 

This kind of door may help warm up even the most uninviting rooms. They glide open rather than swing out, saving valuable floor space, and are, therefore, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

18. Pastel Colored Barn Door

If you are still determining whether a barn door can achieve such an essential, sleek, and contemporary aesthetic. Simplifying the design of a barn door is necessary if you want to give it a modern appearance.

How to Install a Barn Door for Bathroom?

1. Door Opening

Take accurate dimensions of the hole. To ensure that your chosen barn door fully conceals the frame, you should order it 2″ to 4″ bigger than the opening.

Tips from the Pros:

When determining the width of a door with a trim, include that trim in the measurement.

2. Verify the Wall Space

Your door frame’s width should be used to determine the length of the wall next to it (right or left). There must be space on each side of a double barn door for it to open.

Expert Advice: 

Make sure there is nothing in the way of the door’s complete swing, such as a light switch or anything else that can’t be moved.

3. Put Security First

The average door weight ranges from 25 to 90 pounds. Inquire about the door’s weight to make sure the hardware can support the door’s weight.

Advice from the Pros:

An extra header board installed beneath the door’s track will help support its weight and keep it in place.

4. Equipment Selection

Double the width you’d want your barn doors to be and add it to the width you need. Your optimal track length will be this value.

Advice from the Pros:

The length may be adjusted using a connecting adapter, which is available as part of an extra kit for a fee.

5. Embellish your Experience

  • Inverting Bracket: A refined approach to re-creating the rustic charm of barn doors in an apartment with less square footage.
  • Attaching Adapter: It provides a way to combine many kits to create unique doorways.
  • Directional Indications: Tend not to jiggle the doorknob.
  • Soft Close Hardware Kit: Curbs rail hopping and halts derailments.

Pros of Barn Doors

1. Dazzling

Sliding bathrooms and barn doors, in particular, are popular and stylish additions to classic and modern homes.

2. Superior for Powder Rooms

In a tiny bathroom, a hinged door might seem awkward next to the shower screen door, making most people dislike it.

3. Expansion of the Space

Bathrooms with barn doors seem much more spacious because they eliminate the need for typical hinged doors, so a barn door for small bathroom is the best option.

Cons of Barn Doors

1. Price

Depending on your design, the supply and installation of barn door bathroom sliders cost anywhere from $800 to $2000.

2. Smell

Since they do not entirely cover the entrance to the room, you will be exposed to odors, both pleasant and unpleasant. There may be better choices than this door style if you live with an obnoxious significant other.

3. Buzzing Sound

Sliding bathroom doors, like those that let in the enticing odor, do not muffle the pleasant sounds that may be heard in these spaces.

4. Interior Wall Area

A clear wall on each side of the doorway is often necessary for installing barn doors, thus doubling the required wall length. This wall is not suitable for mounting pictures or housing light switches.

5. Privacy

Unless you add a barn door for bathroom with lock that can be secured on the sides, which is neither aesthetically pleasing nor functionally useful, sliding barn doors are generally unlocked.

What is an Alternative to a Barn Door?

1. Bifold Door

A bifold door, sometimes known as a bi-fold door, is a two-leaf door. Every side has a hinge, so it may be open in the center. Closets often include bifold doors as an alternative to conventional swinging doors due to their compact folded state.

Bifold doors come in various materials, but wood and metal are the most prevalent. Glass bifold doors are also possible but are less prevalent.

Bifold Door
Photo Credit: Canva

When compared to conventional doors, bifold doors offer several benefits. One advantage is that they don’t infringe on your desk as much when they’re opened. It’s like that because the door can only be opened in halves. So this is the best option when the door’s footprint has to be minimized, as in a tiny room.

Bifold doors may be opened with a single hand is another perk. This is an excellent solution if you need to open the door but have anything in your other hand.

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, bi-fold doors are also known for their superior energy efficiency. This is because there are no air leaks when closed, and the seal is airtight.

2. Sliding Door

You may also use a sliding door instead of a barn door. A sliding door opens and closes along a track. Patio doors and bedroom closets both often make use of sliding doors.

Sliding Door
Photo Credit: Canva

The advantages of sliding doors are many. First, they are simple, including set up, use, and upkeep. In addition to freeing up floor space, sliding doors help prevent unwanted traffic patterns.

Sliding doors, although convenient, do have a few drawbacks. They’re not as sturdy as barn doors and might be painful to open and shut.

3. Pivot Door

Instead of being attached to the wall with hinges, pivot doors are mounted on a pivot point. By doing so, the door opens like a gate. Many people choose pivot doors instead of barn doors since they provide many similar advantages.

Pivot Door
Photo Credit: Canva

Glass, metal, and wood are just a few materials that may be used to create pivot doors. They could be either single or double doors and may be mounted inside or outside of a door frame. As a result, you may get pivot doors in almost every design imaginable, from classic to modern.

There are a lot of benefits to using a pivot door rather than a standard door. Because they swing outward rather than inside, they occupy less wall space when open. In confined quarters, this feature may be a significant boon. When closed, a pivot door seals securely against the frame, which may reduce energy loss compared to a standard door.

4. Pocket Door

This door is a pocket door that can be opened and closed by sliding into and out of a slot inside the wall. Unlike a barn door, it doesn’t hog floor space while open, making it a practical solution.

Pocket Door
Photo Credit: Canva

Remember that pocket doors need more space to open than standard doors. Therefore, before installing a sliding door, measure the opening to ensure an adequate room.


How wide should a barn door be for a bathroom?

The aperture for the barn door should be two or three inches broader than the door. In addition, the door itself has to be raised roughly an inch above the door frame.

How much is a barn door for bathroom?

A barn door-style internal door with tracking gear may cost anywhere from $250 to $2,500 in materials alone. Installing a barn door might cost anything from $600 to $3,050.

How to make a barn door private for bathroom?

A lock on your bathroom’s barn door will give you more privacy and security. There are two common barn door locks: hook and eye and teardrop latch.

Are barn doors private enough for a bathroom?

When combined with the Quick Latch Privacy Lock, barn doors are ideal for restrooms. 

Do barn doors add value?

Barn doors are a great way to add value to your home, as they are elegant and unique.

Can you lock a barn door for bathroom?

Especially when combined with the Simple Attach Privacy Lock, barn doors are a fantastic option for use in a bathroom’s entrance. Barn doors in a Renin bathroom may easily slide open, allowing for much more floor area than the swinging doors typically used in a bathroom.

Do barn doors need a track at the bottom?

Safety requires a bottom guide on barn doors so they don’t fly off the track or swing open unexpectedly.

Is there a gap between barn door and wall?

Barn doors need only an inch of clearance on each side. Once attached, it will leave a space of 1 inch under the metal track.

How much bigger does a barn door need to be than the opening?

The opening for the barn door should be two or three inches broader than the door itself. In addition, the door itself has to be raised roughly an inch above the entrance. Barn doors typically overlap by 90 degrees, although this may be adjusted to suit your needs.

How far from wall does barn door stick out?

When installed, a typical barn door will protrude 1 .34 inches from its track. Sometimes, however, this is all that can be done. To account for the thickness of the baseboard and trim, spacers are required to extend the door by up to 3 3/4 inches.


If you are wondering about you should use a barn door for bathroom or not. It depends on your requirements. However, you can get many styles and variations in barn doors for bathrooms. Moreover, there are multiple choices for the alternative of barn doors.

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